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The chart includes 25 years of cycles. Set your starting age to cover several years in the future. For example, if you are 45, you may want to set the starting age at 35.

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Find out what the numbers in the Decoz® Chart mean here...



The meaning of the single digit numbers

Meaning of Number 1Leadership, independence, individuality, determination, and ambition. More about the number 1.

Meaning of Number 2Harmony, peace-maker, cooperation, tact, and sensitivity. More about the number 2.

Meaning of Number 3Creativity, self-expression, optimism, light-hearted, and communication. More about the number 3.

Meaning of Number 4racticality, stability, organization, detail-oriented, persistence, hard work. More about the number 4.

Meaning of Number 5Freedom, adaptability, adventure, dynamic, and curiosity. More about the number 5.

Meaning of Number 6Caring, service, responsibility, family-oriented, and nurturing. More about the number 6.

Meaning of Number 7Introspection, spirituality, analysis, logical, and intuition. More about the number 7.

Meaning of Number 8Power, success, material abundance, authoritive, and achievement. More about the number 8.

Meaning of Number 9Humanitarianism, compassion, selflessness, tolerant, and universal love. More about the number 9.



The meaning of the Master numbers

Meaning of Master Number 11The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. More about the Master number 11.

Meaning of Master Number 22This is potentially the most successful and powerful of all numbers and often called the Master Builder. More about the Master number 22.

Meaning of Master Number 33The 33 is considered the Master teacher and the most spiritually evolved of all numbers. More about the Master number 33.


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Numbers included in our Chart Calculator

Shown here in the order in which they appear in our personal readings.


Why am I seeing double digit numbers?

Double digit numbers show us what the single digit is based on.

For example, when it says 23/5, it means you have a 5 based on 23 (2+3).  If it says 14/5, the 5 is based on 14 (1+4). However, the single digit is often calculated without being based on a double digit number. In that case you will only see one number listed.

Numerologists always consider the individual numbers of a double-digit number, because varying number combinations add different  meanings to the single digit sum.