The Subconscious Self

The Subconscious Self number is foundby counting how many single-digit numbers are represented in your chart

The Subconscious Self reveals your ability to cope with changing circumstances.

There are two ways to find your Subconscious Self number:

  • Count the numbers represented among the letters in your name, as revealed in the Karmic Lesson chart.
  • Subtract the number of Karmic Lessons in your chart from 9.

In Tom’s case, since he does not have any missing numbers in his full name at birth (no Karmic Lessons), his Subconscious Self number is 9.



The Subconscious Self reflects the confidence you have in your personal power and competence, as well as in your ability to deal with sudden events and situations. It shows your capacity to correctly assess a situation and to respond appropriately.

The Subconscious Self is derived from your Karmic Lesson chart, in which it is possible to have all nine numbers represented in your name, or fewer than nine; in fact as few as three or as many as eight. For example, you may be missing a 6 or a 7.

This means that when you encounter a situation that requires the characteristics of a 6 or a 7, there will be some feeling of inadequacy, or uncertainty as to how to properly deal with the demands of the situation.

On the other hand, you still have the other seven or eight numbers represented in you name, which means your ability to deal with situations that require any of those numbers is well-developed. You posses a certain confidence or assurance that makes you feel familiar with the situation, and able to deal with effectively. Hence, a person with eight numbers represented in the name will tend to be more confident in most situations than a person with only five numbers.

In general, someone with eight numbers in his name is quite capable of dealing with most situations.

Paradoxically, a person with all nine numbers represented tends to be aloof or overly complacent when dealing with sudden events.


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How to Find Your Subconscious Self

The Subconscious Self symbol in a numerology chart

To find your Subconscious Self number, simply count the amount of numbers represented in your name, as revealed in the Karmic Lesson chart.


The symbol used in our charting system is a an arched "doorway."


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