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The chart includes 25 years of cycles. Set your starting age to cover several years in the future. For example, if you are 45, you may want to set the starting age at 35.

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Find a quick overview of what the numbers represent here.

We also offer an in-depth course on how to read the chart.



Numerology charts usually consist of numbers and notes on a yellow pad.

There are some problems with that.

It's hard to oversee the chart as a whole, to recognize the connections between a range of numbers.

This is crucial during a consultation; you have to be able to see the relationships between all the numbers quickly and clearly, because all the numbers in a chart absorb and reflect energies from each other.

In the early 80's I grew into a habit of creating schematics that showed multiple numbers in a chart. Over time, they became more organized, until eventually the lay-out grew into an easy-to-oversee concise numerology chart showing all relevant numbers as well as twenty-five years of cycles.

I made generous use of symbols to differentiate what any of them meant, and added color based on number values (1 is red, 2 is orange, etc.), for easy viewing; color-coding them, not unlike a bookkeeper or librarian might to organize their files and books.

The chart uses long established Pythagorean calculation methods. All I did was create an organized lay-out. The end result was a chart I could work with without having to flip pages and look for notes, all the relevant numbers are clearly defined, which I believe greatly improves a professional's ability to offer an insightful consultation.