The Period cycles are based on your month, day, and year of birth.

Period Cycles are major stepping stones on your Life Path.

To use an analogy: If yearly cycles are the steps of the stairs, transitions from one Period Cycle to the next are like the landings to the next floor.

Period Cycles appear in two places in the color chart. Inside the star and on the 7th row in the wave. As you can see on the color chart, Tom Cruise’s Period Cycles are 7, 3, and 9.

What the Period Cycles Tell Us.

Like most stories, there are three great divisions of our lives

The First, or opening period, finds us groping to find our true nature; at the same time, we are trying to cope with the powerful forces that are present in our environment, our parents and the socio-economic conditions of our family, for example.

The Second Cycle, or middle period of our lives, brings about the slow emergence of our individual and creative talents. The initial part of this cycle - the early and mid 30s - represents a struggle to find our place in the world, while the late 30s, 40s, and early 50s, sees us with a greater degree of self-mastery and influence over the environment.

The Third, or final Cycle, can represent a flowering of our inner being, such that our true nature has finally come to fruition. It is during this period that one has the greatest degree of self-expression and power.


One of the easier calculations, the three Period Cycles are based on the month, day, and year of birth respectively.


How to Find Your Period Cycles

The First Period Cycle

The First Period Cycle starts at birth and lasts until the first Personal Year 1 cycle on or after your 27th birthday. We have not yet discussed the Personal Year cycles, so just refer to the chart below.

This cycle covers the early part of your life and tells a lot about your childhood and eary adulthood.

Calculating the First Period Cycle

This is a simple calculation. It is your month of birth reduced to a single digit number, or a Master number.

The months January through September don’t require calculation – they are already single digits. October is the 10th month and reduces to 1. November is the 11th month; 11 is a Master number, so we do not reduce it any further. And December is the 12th month, which reduces to 3.


The Meaning of Your First Period Cycle



The Second Period Cycle

The Second Period Cycle is your day of birth reduced to a single digit number, or a Master number. This cycles lasts exactly 27 years.


The Meaning of Your Second Period Cycle


The Third Period Cycle

The Third Period Cycle is your year of birth reduced to a single digit number, or a Master number. This is the last Period cycle of your life and lasts until you leave your body.


The Meaning of Your Third Period Cycle


The Duration of Your Period Cycles


The exact age you make the transition from one Period Cycle to the next is determined by your Life Path, and is listed in the chart below.

Numerology Period Cycles Table.


From Numerology Questions - a Dear Hans column:

Deborah asked how numerology views the cause of life's big changes

Are they due to name changes, moving to another location, or are they mostly the result of internal changes?

Dear Hans,

My birth name was Deborah ... born 10/... in NY. I am now Deborah .... I was wondering if it is my name change that has caused some bad luck or is it possibly my current location (Ohio)? It seems as if my life went downhill after I married.

Thank you for any insight you may be able to give me.


Dear Deborah,

You are wondering whether your name change or your current location caused you bad luck. Your letter did not mention around what time you started feeling as if your life was going downhill, but looking at your current last name in comparison with your maiden name, and the numbers in Ohio, I don't think ether one can be blamed.

In fact, the last name Stinson strengthens you as a person by adding the 1 Minor Expression and a 1 Minor Personality.

So I backtracked through your cycles and noticed that you experienced a period of five years during which you had a 19/1 Essence from age 39 through 43.

Although a 1 Essence generally makes one more independent and assertive, when that 1 is based on the Karmic Debt number 19, some less desirable influences also come into play, such as a loss of personal freedom, perhaps as a result of other people's dependency on you, like young children or elderly parents, or an overly demanding career.

Due to the fact that you also had a 6 Period Cycle during that time, my guess is that the demands of family simply were more than you are comfortable with. A lack of personal freedom can be devastating in the long run, causing great frustration and unhappiness.

This difficult five year period was then followed by a two year Essence cycle of 11/2, another challenging number that can make us extremely sensitive and vulnerable, although also more aware and intuitive.

The feminine 11 cycle immediately following the very masculine 19 cycle always makes it feel like someone ripped off your protective armor. You feel exposed, insecure, and helpless.

However, while those were certainly difficult cycles, I think that the feeling of your life going in the wrong direction became stronger several years later at around age 51 when a 2 Essence combined with a 6 Personal Year cycle put the spotlight front and center on relationship and family (this is probably the year you committed to your current husband).

This was followed by a ten year period of a 5 Essence (in place until 2014) indicating that things were far from stable and serene. There has been little predictability or routine in your life since 2006, as unexpected events, a lack of control and focus, and sudden ups and downs in career and finances leave you feeling like you spent the last five years on a roller coaster.

The good news is that since late last year you have been going through a major transformation and one that eventually puts you back in the driver's seat. By the end of this year you will have completed this conversion from a 6 long-term cycle that lasted for the previous 28 years, and be well into a long-term cycle dominated by the strong-willed and determined number 1 - this time without a Karmic 19 behind it.

I know you have recognized the empowering influence of the 1 for at least 6 months already, you just have not yet taken full advantage of that as you are still held back by the sense that you are responsible for everyone and everything in your family. Sometime during the early part of next year you will gradually regain control of your life, become much more independent, and take back your freedom.

Because you are entering your last long-term cycle, the empowering influence of the 1 will only get stronger as you get older, and while you still have a 5 Essence until 2014, it will anchor the dynamic and hectic energy of the 5 turning it into a force of progress, change, and personal growth.

Hans Decoz


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