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Follow easy directions to do your own reading — in-depth and with little or no math involved.

Much of the material in the "Do Your Own Reading" pages is based on the book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, available on amazon.

We will be using Pythagorean rather than Chaldean numerology.

About the Numbers in Your Numerology Chart

The numbers based on your date of birth reflect influences and events related to the momentum, or Path, of your life. Think of their effect as similar to the weather and the landscape you travel through. The influences you encounter are enormously important; in fact, your Life Path number is the most important number in your numerology chart.

The numbers derived from your full name at birth reflect WHO you are within that landscape and influenced by the weather as revealed by your date of birth. Your in-born talents, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, strengths and weaknesses, are all revealed through the numbers in your name.


In a Numerology chart, as in real-estate, it's all about location, location, location...

The influence of a number changes dramatically based on it's location in your numerology chart. For example, a 5 Heart's Desire affects you differently from a 5 Personality, or a 5 Maturity number.

Take a moment to review the essential difference in the effect the numbers derived from your birth date have, versus the numbers based on your name.

Numerologist Hans Decoz became interested in numerology at the age of 19, he studied literally dozens of numerology books, and travelled extensively in search of knowledge

A budding numerologist. Amsterdam, 1954. Yes, that's a long time ago.


Understanding the archetypal meaning of the numbers, and more importantly how and where they influence you, is the most challenging part of the age-old science of numerology.

Throughout the process of calculating your numerology chart, you will find links to articles relating to that particular area of your chart. You might also want to view my numerology course which includes numerous audio lectures - also free on this site.



Do Your Own Numerology Reading, Part I

Although you can select any of the subjects listed, we recommend that you start with the Life Path number, then let us guide you through the other aspects. We devised a system that will allow you to do an extensive reading with almost no calculation, but only if you follow step-by-step.

All numbers based on your date of birth reflect influences and events related to the momentum or Path of Your Life.




Numerology Software - in case you don't want to do any math ;-)

Our readings, as well as our numerology software programs, include more numbers than are listed here. In fact, if you download the World Numerology App (no charge), a free reading based on your four core numbers is included (about 8 pages), as well as three numerology chart systems, including the chart shown here, and a standard numerology chart calculator with all your personal numbers listed.


Do Your Own Numerology Reading:

Introduction to building your numerology chart

Numbers in your numerology chart derived from your date of birth


Numbers in your numerology chart derived from your full name at birth

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