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Life is multi-layered with many moving parts. Finding time to evaluate your personal needs, relationships, work, where you are heading, can be challenging. We want to help you reach your goals, to bend the forces around you in your favor.

To that purpose, we developed a highly personal program with access to a wide range of numerology readings and tools that examine every aspect of your life.

The World Numerology® App delivers 18 comprehensive readings, all about you. Your personal numerology portfolio.

We also offer free numerology tutorials, articles, an extensive audio course, and a “Do Your Own Reading” section.

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The World Numerology app, with 18 Readings and Charts, and convenient access to your personal numerology reading


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Numerology Insights - About You!


Check your free Daily Numerology Forecast

Find out what today has in store for you: Your Daily Forecast by Hans Decoz is based on four short-term cycles. Check yours...

Numerology's Heart's Desire number is the key to your happiness; knowing it's meaning helps you make better choices.

Learn what makes you truly happy. Recognizing your deepest desire helps you choose more wisely what to give your time to. Read yours...

Check your Relationship Compatibility between you and your partner or friend; use it also for siblings, co-workers, and others.

Check the Monthly Relationship Forecast between you and your partner, friend, co-worker, or sibling. Find out now...

You experience three major cycle changes - find out at what age your most pivotal years are.

Changing from one cycle to the next can bring critical transformations. Find out when yours change and the effect they have.

Numerology's Age Digit Cycle is virtually unknown, yet it's influence can be powerful, so it's worthy of your attention.

Your Age Digit cycle affects your other cycles - although virtually unknown, it's influence is worthy of your attention... What's yours?...

Download the World Numerology App to access your free 8-page numerology reading and charts

Download our App to access your free 8-page Personal Reading, Daily Forecast, and three numerology chart systems. Learn more...


Numerology Forecast for August 2013 by numerologist Hans Decoz

Check your Personal Numerology Forecast for August 2018 here.

Be ready for changes and opportunities coming your way!

Do Your Own Numerology Reading

Numerologist Hans Decoz became interested in numerology at a very young age

Follow easy directions to do your own numerology reading — with little or no math involved. Learn more ...

Discover your Life's Path, Heart's Desire, etc.

MASTER NUMBERS: 11, 22, and 33

Numerology Master numbers are 11, 22, and 33

Master numbers are highly charged, difficult to handle, and require time, maturity, and effort to integrate into one's personality.


The Single Digit Numbers

The Numerology Meaning of the Single Digit Numbers 1 through 9 is described in detail, each number has its own personality

Each of the single-digit numbers 1 through 9 has a specific meaning; numerology views them as having narrowly defined personalities

Learn why...


Numerology and the Romance in your Name - Life Path Compatibility

The most important number to consider in relationships, especially romantic relationships, is your Life Path number. However, taking into account the vast collection of numbers in each individual's chart, this is by no means the only number to consider.

FYI, the World Numerology App allows you to check your relationship compatibility with as many people as you wish.

Find out now, in just a few easy steps, if you are compatible with someone. Learn more...


Numerologist Hans Decoz is the author of more than a hundred articles, three books, and the most sophisticated numerology software available

Dutch numerologist Hans Decoz has long been one of the world’s leading and most trusted numerologists, first releasing his highly acclaimed profiles and forecasts in 1987. Since that time, professionals across the globe have relied on his work for its depth, meaning, and sophistication.

In 2013, Hans developed a groundbreaking algorithm that combines numbers and examines the way they influence and affect each other, providing a greater level of accuracy and personalization. After years of development, his Next Generation Numerology Reports are now available through the World Numerology app



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