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Numerology's Transits occupy the bottom rows of the upper part of the wave in your numerology chart.
What is Numerology; with numerologist Hans Decoz

Transit cycles reflect your personal, internal changes and influences

The Transits and Essence cycles are the only cycles in your chart based on your name

Whereas Personal Year cycles run concurrent with the calendar year, Transit and Essence cycles (see next class) run from birthday to birthday.

The individual letters of your name are used to find your Transits.

Your name is like music that vibrates in time; each note, or letter, has a specific duration and influence over the course of your life. Your life can, therefore, be seen as a musical score, with individual letters making specific contributions at given points, just as notes in a musical piece give it its rhythm, character, and nuance.

The Transits appear as part of your Progressive Chart and will tell you much about specific influences taking place in your life during given years.

Personal Year cycles reveal external influences; changing events and circumstanced and revealing opportunities and challenges for the coming year

Transit and Essence cycles reflect inner state of mind, your internal changes and growth; i.e., how you will handle whatever comes your way during the coming year.


How to Find Your Transits

Transits are found among the individual letters of your name, and are used in conjunction with the Essence Chart to provide additional information about your year ahead.

The Transits are derived from the letters of your first, middle, and last names. Each name provides information on a particular level of your consciousness: the physical, mental, and spiritual.

The Physical Transit is derived from your first name; the Mental Transit from your middle name; and the Spiritual Transit from your last name.

For those who do not have a middle name, the last name provides the Transit for both the Mental and the Spiritual planes.

For those who have more than one middle name, the middle names should be strung together into one long name. If you received more than one last name, string the last names together into one long last name.


Each Transit lasts as long as the value of that letter.

Let’s use Tom Cruise’s chart as an example. His first name, Thomas, is used to find his Physical Transits.

Starting at birth, the T in Thomas’s name has a value of 2, and therefore lasts for two years; ages 0 and 1.

The H follows that two-year period with a numerological value of 8, which will last for 8 years. The letter O has a value of 6 and lasts for the next 6 years, and so forth.

When you add the numerology value of each of the letters in the name Thomas, you find that Thomas has a full numerological value of 22, and therefore lasts for twenty-two years, at which time the name’s influence will return to the T and go through the letters again.

For the Mental Transit, we use the name Cruise. For the Spiritual Transit, we use the last name Mapother.

As mentioned earlier, the top row of the wave contains the individual’s age. Below the age, we find the Physical Transit. Below that the Mental Transit, and then the Spiritual Transit.

NOTE: The main graphic above shows the updated chart system (included in the World Numerology App). This course used Tom's chart starting age 20.


Numerology chart Transit and Essence calculationIn this chart's detail, we see that we started the chart at age 20, at which age Tom has an “A” Physical Transit, an “I” Mental Transit, and an “H” Spiritual Transit.

The letter A has a value of 1 and therefore lasts only 1 year.

The letter I has a value of 9, so Tom must have entered this particular Mental Transit five years before age 20.

The H has a value of 8 and will therefore occupy his Spiritual Transit slot for 8 years.


From Numerology Questions - a Dear Hans column:

Dorota asks why Transit cycles can last as long as they do, and does their influence disappear after that.

Dear Hans,

Some thoughts about Transits and letters: Why are there 3 Transits – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual, and are all 3 supposed to be active or can it be that only one becomes “active” in a given year? (I.e., if the physical does not become true does it mean mental or spiritual does?)

Also, when a transit which begins - does it mean it will last all the years? (For example, I have a new friend letter C that lasts until 2021. Does it mean the friendship stops then?

Thank you !


Hi Dorota,

Thank you for your question.

All Transits that are currently in place in your numerology chart are equally active; one may be felt stronger than another, but that is probably due to an inability to handle the effects of that Transit as well as that of the others.

And, of course, some Transits are more dramatic than others because they are supported (or aggravated) by other cycles.

A 5 Physical Transit during a 5 Personal Year will cause the general effect of a 5 to be much more strongly felt.

Transit cycles last a duration equal to the numerology value of the Transit letter. If your Transit is the letter T, it will last two years, since the T had a value of 2. If your Transit is an R, it will last nine years, because the numerology value of the letter R is 9.

But let’s look at the nature of Transits from a more general perspective.

There are 3 Transits because, to some extent, we can experience life on three planes: the Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual, but that, of course, is just an attempt to capture an utterly irrational concept and put it in a rational box. It’s just not that simple. Let me explain.

In theory, the Transits affect your life on the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual planes, based on whether they are found in first, middle, or last name respectively.

Keep in mind that this is an extremely subtle division of a person’s life experiences. The Physical plane may be less subtle than the others because it includes you physical body as well as your material environment; basically, your health, physical love-life, financial circumstances, consumption, attachment to objects, etc.

However, your Mental and Spiritual Transits are easily confused and perhaps even fused – which is why the Mental is based on the middle name and the Spiritual Transit on the last, and… for those who lack a middle name, the last name covers both; fusing the Mental and Spiritual Transits, so to speak.

In essence, there are few, if any, life experiences that are exclusive to one, or even two, of the three planes; they are always felt across all three. If, for example, your Physical Transit indicates a time of health issues, it will affect you mentally and spiritually as well. And if a Mental Transit points to a time of instability, it will affect you on the Physical plane as well.

So why even bother with Transit cycles?

What numerology, and any other Metaphysical science, tries to accomplish is insight; a better understanding of who we are, what is happening with us and why, and so forth. For that purpose, we analyze things we know in search of things we don’t know (yet). Transits are a great example of how we can find insight, but not just on their own.

There are essentially four to five yearly cycles that, in order to get some insight into your future, have to be linked and viewed together. They are your three Transit cycles, your Essence cycle (which is calculated by adding your Transits), and your Personal Year cycle. Always read all five if you want to have a better understanding. However, the most telling is the combination of the Essence and Personal Year cycles, as they overlap and create what we call a Duality. Reading your Dualities for any particular year is the most revealing part of any numerology forecast.

Hans Decoz


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