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Numerology's Heart's Desire number reveals the key to your happiness
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Or learn more about the Proportional Chart - how to read it and get the most out of it.


The Proportional Chart, Decoz®Chart, and Numerology Chart Calculator are included free in the World Numerology® App.


Your Life Path number is the most important number in your chart, but for some of us it's not the most dominant number. The Proportional Numerology Chart reveals which numbers have the strongest influence on your life. Each number is evaluated based on its strength and position - 19 aspects in your numerology chart are taken into consideration.



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Find out what today has in store for you: Your Daily Forecast by Hans Decoz is based on four short-term cycles. Check yours...

Numerology's Heart's Desire number is the key to your happiness; knowing it's meaning helps you make better choices.

Learn what makes you truly happy. Recognizing your deepest desire helps you make better choices. Read yours...

Check your Relationship Compatibility between you and your partner or friend; use it also for siblings, co-workers, and others.

Check the Monthly Relationship Forecast between you and your partner, friend, co-worker, or sibling. Find out now...

You experience three major cycle changes - find out at what age your most pivotal years are.

Changing long-term cycles brings critical transformations. Find out when yours change and the effect they have.

Numerology's Age Digit Cycle is virtually unknown, yet it's influence can be powerful, so it's worthy of your attention.

Your Age Digit cycle - although virtually unknown, it's influence is worthy of your attention... What's yours this year?

Numerology's Life Path is the most important number in your chart.

Your Life Path is the most important number in your chart - find out what yours is and what it reveals here...



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