Among the 18 different numerology readings and charts included in our app, are three free numerology chart calculators.

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The Numerology Chart Calculator simply lists all your numbers - quick and efficient, and free in the World Numerology app

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Numerology the old-fashioned way – a complete listing of each number in your chart.

Make Numerology Charts for yourself, your friends and family, or anyone else!


The Free Numerology Chart Calculator is included in the World Numerology App and lists all the numbers in your chart. Use it for anyone you wish.

Our Numerology Chart Calculator lists every number and cycle in your chart, including several unique to Decoz.

The algorithms are based on established Pythagorean numerology and include double-digit numbers, Karmic Debt numbers, and Master numbers.

Add others to your app to create their numerology charts too! (free) You can also access our Numerology Chart Calculator right here on our site.


Used by professionals world-wide.

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The Decoz Numerology Chart System was developed by master numerologist Hans Decoz, and is included in the World Numerology app

The Decoz Color Chart was first developed by Master Numerologist Hans Decoz in 1982.

This revolutionary charting system artistically displays your most relevant numbers and cycles in one easy-to-oversee chart.

Learn more about this unique numerology chart system here

The Decoz Numerology Chart system was first developed in 1982, computerized in 1987, and is now one of the free features in our World Numerology software application

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The The Proportional chart is a new numerology system that accurately reveals the proportion in which numbers are represented in your numerology chart


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The Proportional Numerology Chart displays the proportion of the nine single digit numbers and rates them according to power and influence. This numerology chart is unique to Decoz

The Proportional Numerology Chart shows the most dominant numbers in your chart based on location and frequency.

For example, if you have a 7 Life Path, but the 5 appears three times among your other core numbers, the 5 will be more dominant and is considered your true numerology number.

Make as many as you wish.

You can also access our Proportional Chart Calculator right here on our site.

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