Created and developed by numerologist Hans Decoz

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The numerology talent profile compares or rates important traits in your numerology chart.
The Numerology Talent Profile focuses on your talents and career options - it analyzes your numerology chart defining each number and rating it in relation to special talents

The Talent Profile analyzes 79 character traits and 34 vocations.


This reading takes numerology to a new level. Using horizontal graphs, your Talent Profile compares the ratio of a range of personal attributes in your numerology chart.

This report matches your personality traits and talents to the vocations they are most suited to. It is designed to help you identify areas in which you are likely to succeed and find contentment. Knowing which attributes come naturally can inspire you to develop and build on those strengths.

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How This One-Of-A-Kind Talent Profile Came To Be


Hans Decoz began offering personal consultations in the early 1980's and quickly learned that his clients' main concerns were romance, health, money, and career.

Of those, he realized the largest and most enduring obstacle to happiness tended to be their choice of profession.

If a person is unable to find satisfaction in their work, there is little that can make up for the years spent in a state of discontent.

This understanding prompted him to develop the Talent Profile.

By employing numerology's unique analytical approach to decoding an individual's personal makeup, he felt it could be used to help make informed career choices based on an objective understanding of one's attributes.


How The Talent Profile Works


Each of the nine single-digit numbers has a specific range of personality traits. Most traits are found in more than one number, although in varying degrees of influence - some stronger, others weaker. Each number carries both positive and negative aspects and displays those traits in a unique manner.

For example, courage is found in the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 8. However, the way these numbers display courage differs considerably.

The number 5 is the most courageous, but its bravery is impulsive and rebellious, the kind that stands up to a bully or the status quo regardless of the consequences.

The courage of the number 1 is more focused; it is the daring leader, the first to cross a dangerous sea, climb a mountain, or fly to the moon.

The number 2 displays a gentle and kind valor, as in the act of sacrificing oneself to save another.

The courageous 8 is motivated by duty and authority; it confronts danger to protect the law or the land.

Traits such as courage, that on the surface would seem to be constant no matter the circumstances, can actually be subtly different. Take the example of courage vs. thrill seeking; both require bravery, but the latter will look for opportunities to take unnecessary chances. Thrill seeking reflects an addiction to adrenaline, whereas pure courage is the act of overcoming one's fear.


For your Talent Profile we looked at seventy-four traits, divided into eleven groups.


The first group has to do with individuality, independence, and initiative. The second looks at traits that share creative and social aspects, and so forth. The profile also rates your aptitude in thirty-nine careers, grouped into seven fields.

Keep in mind that numerology is an inexact science and looks at the relationship between character traits and vocations differently than psychological or vocational assessments. It is one tool among many that can shed light on finding the right career options for you.



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