Inner Reflections Numerology Readings are another unique feature to the World Numerology App and tap into your subconscious to take a snapshot of your current state of mind

The World Numerology App delivers this deeply revealing numerology analysis twelve times per year - recommended once a month.

The Inner Reflection numerology reading taps into your subconscious by asking you to select nine single-digit numbers using a perceptive number generator.

The result will amaze you, as it reveals what you are currently going through on a deep subconscious level.

Think of it as a snapshot of your current state of mind focused on what is hidden under the surface.

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Numerology's Inner Reflection Reading is considered the I Ching of numerology - it taps into your subconscious using a random number generator


About the Inner Reflections Numerology Reading


The method used to choose this nine-digit number is influenced by your subconscious, not unlike Tarot or I Ching. It is neither random nor coincidental.

The color and placement of the numbers you chose changes after each selection. This method was chosen to diminish the distraction caused by a subliminal connection to colors and locations.


Your Inner Reflection Numerology Reading reveals your state of mind at a deep and largely subconscious level. Think of it as a snapshot of the complex geometry of your dreams, hopes, fears, expectations, past experiences, and other internal influences.

You may find that one statement appears to contradict another within the same reading. This is to be expected, as we find the same complexity and inconsistency in ourselves.

This aspect of numerology is similar to the I Ching; use it sparingly, not more than once a month. It is meant to provide clarity for inner conflict and larger issues, rather than daily advice.


What the Inner Reflections numerology reading reveals


The Cornerstone

This aspect of your Inner Reflection Reading reveals what is foremost in your subconscious.

The Key

This section focuses on a central concern, usually an obstacle. The issue is often obscured and hence difficult to overcome. This reading hopes to shed light on the hurdle, which is the first step in overcoming it.

The Hidden Key

This is “the squeaky wheel” within your subliminal mind. It is there, it is making noise, and it will continue to irritate you until you satisfy it.

The Capstone

This section of your Reflection Reading reveals inner conflict or uncertainty.

The issue is most likely something you are aware of but may not have dealt with. Chances are you have not yet discovered a way to handle it. This chapter does not offer solutions; suggestions to help you overcome the conflict are given in later chapters.


The following section reveals weaknesses or shortcomings that can be obstacles to your success and happiness. These obstacles are often highlighted by events or circumstances that aim to bring them to your attention.

It is possible to have more than one Challenge, and it is not uncommon to have a Challenge appear that seemingly contradicts a strength you possess. It is like a person who is organized and efficient at work, but whose home is disorderly. It is up to you to recognize where the Challenge applies.

Occasionally, a challenge points to a temporary physical weakness or health problem you may be susceptible to.


Your subconscious selection of numbers points to strengths or specific talents you can use to improve yourself and your circumstances.

This reading is similar to the Pinnacles in your Personality Profile. It offsets, fully or in part, the challenging demands of the previous chapters. You can have as many as four Pinnacles in place, or as few as one.

Overview And Conclusion

The following short conclusion exposes the most revealing but hidden forces behind all other aspects of your current state of mind. These deeply rooted forces are subject to change. They often take several weeks, but it is not uncommon for them to take a few months or even a year to shift.

This reading reflects your subconscious understanding of who you are and where you are going. No one has the ability to delve more deeply into your psyche than you do. Take this opportunity to review your mental, emotional, and spiritual outlook.

Keep in mind that this perspective is the Subconscious You to provide insight for the Conscious You. Analyze your circumstances and issues; take time to recognize what fits and what doesn't. Most importantly, try to look into this mirror objectively, with an open mind.


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