Inner Reflections Numerology Readings are another unique feature to the World Numerology App and tap into your subconscious to take a snapshot of your current state of mind

The World Numerology App delivers this deeply revealing numerology analysis twelve times per year - recommended once a month.

The Inner Reflection numerology reading taps into your subconscious by asking you to select nine single-digit numbers using a perceptive number generator.

The result will amaze you, as it reveals what you are currently going through on a deep subconscious level.

Think of it as a snapshot of your current state of mind focused on what is hidden under the surface.

Included in the World Numerology app Full Subscription

Numerology's Inner Reflection Reading is considered the I Ching of numerology - it taps into your subconscious using a random number generator

About the Inner Reflections Numerology Reading

The method used to choose this nine-digit number is influenced by your subconscious, not unlike Tarot or I Ching. It is neither random nor coincidental.

The color and placement of the numbers you chose changes after each selection. This method was chosen to diminish the distraction caused by a subliminal connection to colors and locations.


Your Inner Reflection Numerology Reading reveals your state of mind at a deep and largely subconscious level. Think of it as a snapshot of the complex geometry of your dreams, hopes, fears, expectations, past experiences, and other internal influences.




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