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A Numerology Relationship Compatibility Profiles is one of 18 readings included in our app.

Relationship Compatibility Numerology Profiles compares the core numbers in the numerology charts of two people, and to what extent they are harmonious Our Relationship Profile compares your five core numbers with that of your partner, friend, family member, or co-worker.

This in-depth analysis notes the similarities and differences in your personality, interests, and the way you approach romance, social situations and other important issues.

Understanding the strengths and challenges of others is a valuable tool to help you mitigate the stress that can come from differing perspectives.

Knowing each other more fully can open the door to a deeper bond… or highlight potential red flags you may wish to avoid.


The Relationship Compatibility Profile is included in the Full Subscription. Make as many as you like between you and anyone else.

This reading is also available as a print version pdf emailed to you within seconds.


About the Relationship Compatibility Profile

This report analyzes the personalities of both subjects to assess their compatibility. It also offers suggestions for ways to mitigate the stress or damage that can come from differing personalities and perspectives.

When you are involved in a relationship, you come to know each other more deeply over time. At first friction is rare. As time goes by and you discover additional sides to your partner, you become aware of personality traits you appreciate as well as some that rub you the wrong way.

Even if you consider your relationship nearly perfect, you will experience occasional bouts of conflict.


Negative traits are almost always a cause of friction, but it is interesting to note that some qualities that are considered positive can also be incompatible.

You may find this report to be more critical, or even harsh, compared to other readings of this type. My approach is designed to throw light on differences in your chart that might benefit from a frank, unbiased examination.

Ignoring potential issues can cause more damage in the long run than a few honest remarks in a reading.

You will probably encounter some texts that state: "The compatibility aspect in this area of the chart is already included in other parts of this report." Those texts are not repeated here because they are either redundant or offset by other conditions. This is done to offer a perspective that is as well balanced and clear as possible; repeating certain traits would place too much emphasis on them.


If you have received previous reports that mentioned double-digit numbers in your chart, such as Master numbers or Karmic Debt numbers, you will notice in the Relationship Compatibility Reports all numbers are reduced to single digits. This is because single digit numbers are the essential influences that affect relationship compatibility; including double-digit numbers would only diminish the clarity we aim for.

I hope you will appreciate the perspective of your Compatibility Report and will find it beneficial to your relationship.



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