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All Readings are by Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

Full subscriptions to the World Numerology app are half off after the first year.

The World Numerology App

Includes 18 Readings & Charts | One low price, big savings!

Download is free and includes an 8-page reading and three charting programs.

Primary Subscription: Includes our two most popular readings - the complete Personality Profile plus a Yearly Forecast & Monthly Forecasts for the next 12 months.

Full Subscription: All the readings are about you, but many, like the Relationship readings, Family Tree reports, and Name Advisor reports, let you make 12, 24, or unlimited reports.

Numerology reports in PDF print format

Single readings in print format

Delivered to your inbox in minutes | Pdf file format

We currently offer 14 different readings in print format - with more coming soon. The readings are identical to those in the app.

You can select a single report, like the Yearly & Monthly Forecast, or combinations, such as a Nine-Year forecast, or a the Ultimate Report, which combines the Personality Profile, Yearly Forecast, Diamond Spirit reading, and Talent Profile.

A 25% discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Options and Prices



Primary Subscription:

Includes the Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast: $19

The Personality Profile: $19.95
($14.96 w/discount)

The Yearly Forecast: $19.95
($14.96 w/discount)

The Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast: $29.95
($22.96 w/discount)

Full Subscription:

All 18 reports: $39

Prices vary. Purchasing every reading in PDF would cost $200 or more.


The app is a better value if you are interested in the full collection of Decoz' readings.
Plus, download is free and includes an 8-page personal reading, so you will have some idea how it works.

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If you prefer your readings in print or are only purchasing one or two readings, PDF print format may be a better choice.
There are many options, and a 25% discount is applied at checkout.

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