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Diamond Spirit Guide, a secret numerology reading
The Diamond Spirit Numerology Guide looks at two specific challenge and opportunity cycles that look at the connection between your spiritual and physical bodies

The Diamond Spirit reading is one of the oldest number-based methods of divination and arguably the most powerful tool numerology has to offer.

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It reveals the chain of cause and effect that connects your physical and spiritual planes, explaining how your experiences in the physical world affect your inner/spiritual growth - and how in turn, the insight you develop affects your physical, mental, and emotional life.

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How to read the Diamond Spirit numerology reading.

Each Diamond pattern consists of four numbers. The first is called the Challenge. Your Challenge is a lesson or test that, once learned, will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The reading describes the challenges you are facing this year, to help you grow on the spiritual plane, outlining it’s root cause and a recommended course of action to help you move through this period successfully.

The second number is the Root or Cause and explains the underlying reason that particular lesson has emerged.

The third number, the Recommended Action (also called Action Key), gives advice on the best approach for a successful outcome.

The final number in this reading - aptly named the Outcome - reveals what the likely result of your efforts will be, and how it might affect your future.


With the exception of ages 0 through 7 and 75 through 81 we experience two Diamonds per year from birthday to birthday. These two Diamonds are equally important and tend to fit together as if working on one helps us understand the other.

Although most Diamonds are in place only for one year, it's not uncommon for one or both Diamonds to repeat the following year. Often one number - usually the Challenge number - lasts for more than one year, while the other three numbers change.

Finally, a number that is the Cause one year becomes the Action Key for the next. The Diamond's structure is complex but also logical and beautiful.

A word of advice: getting the most out of your Diamond requires some measure of self-reflection, not unlike the I Ching. I recommend that you read it more than once, then let it simmer. You may be surprised at the amount of insight you gain.




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