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Relationship forecast based on your monthly cycles.

Relationship forecasts based on your monthly cycles are a unique feature of the World Numerology app.

Monthly Numerology Relationship Compatibility Forecasts look specifically at the personal month cycles for two people and how it affects their numerology readings

With a focus on the short but strongly-felt monthly cycle, numerologist Hans Decoz helps you recognize the changes that occur in your relationships, affected by the moods and external influences that shift month-to-month.

Knowing the similarities and differences between your monthly compatibility forecast and that of your partner and friends can help you avoid conflict and strengthen your relationship.

12 Monthly forecasts are included in the full subscription (two months show at a time). Make as many as you wish.

This reading is also available as a single report in pdf print format. The pdf version combines the monthly and yearly relationship forecast in one report.


Monthly cycles are not as strongly felt as yearly cycles, however, they can have short period of considerable intensity. This is by no means common, but when certain numbers are aligned just so, it can throw things of balance.

If you feel you might be experiencing some turmoil within your partnership, read the monthly compatibility and reflect on its meaning. You will almost always be able to recognize where the friction comes from, and this is a big step towards healing.

You may also want to refresh your memory by taking another look at your Relationship Compatibility Profile as well as your yearly cycles.




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