18 Personal Readings and Charts right at your finger tips!


For Windows

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Step 1 to install the World Numerology app for Windows

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Click "More Info,"
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Step 1 to install the World Numerology app for Windows

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Download and install the World Numerology Collection II complete set of numerology readings and charts.


After clicking the download button, go to your Downloads folder and double-click WorldNumerology-setup-windows.exe.


If you prefer you can use our web app at my.worldnumerology.com. Or you can install the Windows app and also use the web app if you like. Just log in with the same email and password - the apps are synced.



The new World Numerology Collection II app is a web application

18 Readings & Charts in One App!

All your personal readings: Personality Profile, Yearly & Monthly Forecast, unlimited Relationship profiles & forecasts, your Talent Profile, Diamond Spirit Guide, Name Advisor, and more...

Registration is free - Includes an 8-page personal, free Daily Forecast, and three free charting programs


Creat readings for anyone right from your app.

The App That Offers So Much More Than An App!

NEW: Included in the web app version: Create readings for anyone right from your app, at a steep discount - with or without a subscription.

The World Numerology Collection II app includes a numerology software program right at your fingertips. Generate readings in PDF any time for anyone.


Sample Readings

Included in both apps: