2023 Numerology Forecast

2022 Global Numerology Forecast; What Divides Us Also Unites Us
Numerologist Hans Decoz

The Slow Turn

The number 7 rules the coming year and it will be memorable. Not only does 2023 add to 7 (2+0+2+3), making it a 7 Universal Year, but it is also dividable by 7 (2023 ÷ 7 = 289).

This happens every 63 years, the last time in 1960 - the next won't be until 2086. As a result, the qualities inherent in this number will be more strongly felt than other years ruled by the 7.

Seven is the number of wisdom, intelligence, logic, learning, and spiritual growth. It is the number of the seeker, be it knowledge of the mind or the spirit. But all numbers have a front and a back, and the 7 can also bring ignorance, an unwillingness to accept facts, misinformation, religious fanaticism, and absurdity.

Whether we see the positive or negative traits of the 7 displayed depends on us, on our willingness to put forth effort.

The 7 is thought to have been Pythagoras’ favorite number, not only for its aforementioned qualities, but also for its attitude. The 7 walks alone but is not lonely, it is open-minded but doesn’t accept anything at face value, it is spiritual but not religious.

At its best, the 7 is a highly intelligent romantic dreamer with great imagination. At its worst, it is cold, cynical, bitter, vengeful, and perpetually disappointed.

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Chart showing the numerology calculations for 2023.This schematic is called a Diamond chart and shows the numbers hidden in the year 2023.

The numbers at the top are the result of adding the individual digits in 2023 - they reflect a positive influence. Those at the bottom are found by deducting the numbers in the year and represent a negative influence.

The top and bottom corners of the Diamond show an 11 and a 1 respectively.

The 1 is a strong-willed, driven, ambitious, and highly individualistic number; it can be exceedingly forceful and tends to place its own interests first.

In the opposite corner, at the top of the Diamond, we find an 11. The 11 is a Master number with great promise and potential. It has all the qualities of the 2 (11=1+1=2), cooperative, diplomatic, sensitive, tactful, protective, and respectful, but the 11 adds additional qualities, most importantly, a powerful intuition and an uncanny insight in the human condition.

Think of the 11 and the 1 in this chart, as generals battling for dominance in 2023, while the other numbers above and below 2023 are their soldiers.



The coming year, ruled by the 7, will see an increasingly intense struggle between imagination, wisdom, and intuition on one side, and cynicism, narrow-mindedness, and impaired judgement on the other. It’s a black and white reality with little room, if any, for gray. The gap between common sense and foolishness will be dangerously misunderstood and underestimated. On the upside, there will be clear and undeniable forces of conscientious intelligence and insight guiding us towards a promising and peaceful future.

The year will stand out first and foremost as one of major breakthroughs in science and technology. A good example played a couple weeks ago when scientists achieved nuclear fusion. As a scientific breakthrough, this cannot be overvalued. While it is not the first time fusion has been achieved, it is the first time more energy was released than was needed to make it happen. It is, in fact, the Holy Grail of science, finding an abundant source of energy (seawater), clean and sustainable.

FYI: Yearly cycles do not abruptly start January 1 or end December 31, rather, there is a gradual overlap – hence, this event is tied to 2023 as much as to 2022.

To illustrate, in last year’s forecast, which had a 1 at the top of the Diamond (reflecting a singular event or breakthrough), I ended the 2022 Forecast with: “The odd one out is the 1 at the top. It represents the breakthrough I mentioned earlier. It will be big because it draws all the attention from the practical numbers. What it will be, I can’t say but you will know when it happens.

I believe this referred to the nuclear fusion breakthrough, and the timing was perfect, right on the cusp of 2022 and 2023.



In 1999 I wrote an article, the Great Transition, about the importance of the number 2 that would be part of the birth date for every child born after January 1, 2000. The millennium prior to that, from January 1, 1000, to December 31, 1999, brought every child at least one 1 in their birth date. (Dates of birth before 2000: xx/xx/1xxx. Dates of birth after 2000: xx/xx/2xxx.)

This is important because replacing the 1 with a 2 changes the balance dramatically.

Today, about one quarter of the world population was born after 2000, and although the influence of one digit in the date of birth doesn’t have much effect on an individual’s life, the influence is noticeable when it is shared with 2 billion people and growing every day.



The traits of the 1 and the 2 (or the 11) couldn’t be more different, they represent the far ends of the spectrum. The 1 is an individualist, a leader, a spearpoint, but it is also competitive, forceful, and at times aggressive. The 1 is the warrior. The 2 is its polar opposite: gentle, tactful, sensitive, diplomatic, and cooperative. The 2 is the peacemaker.

A noticeable change in the new generation is their willingness to share and support each other, while previous generations tend to be more competitive and prejudicial.



This change, of two billion people sensitive to the needs of others and willing to resolve issues diplomatically replacing an entire generation that was more assertive and self-oriented is an integral part of the driving force for positive change. The transformation will be slow, almost imperceptible, but it is happening - like a huge oil tanker making a 180 degree turn, it takes time, but it can’t be stopped.



By definition, a growing consciousness is a personal experience. Humanity does not have a consciousness; it represents the sum total of each individual’s consciousness. When one person becomes more in touch with their spirit, soul, humanity, or whatever you want to call it, all of humankind benefits.

When billions of people take a tiny step forward (or inward, to be more accurate), it changes everything. That is the promise I see in the number patterns currently in place, and within this pattern, the year 2023 glows like a light in the dark.



The mind can be an enemy or a friend. When it is used to satisfy greed or promote conflict, it can do immense damage. Every war, every struggle, is the result of the unrestrained mind. When it is used to create, invent, resolve, or search for insight it is our greatest friend.

This is the year of the mind, and it will bring extremes, both positive and negative in nature.

The fact the Diamond chart shows a 1 at the bottom and an 11 at the top, increases the likelihood of conflict and the polarity caused by the intuitive, gentle, and cooperative 11 opposite its counterpart, the headstrong, selfish, and inflexible 1.



As mentioned earlier, the coming year will bring dramatic progress in science and technology, but the 7 finds a voice elsewhere as well, especially among those who hunger for justice and equality. The 7 brings them clarity and resolve, the 11 at the top of the Diamond awakens empathy and the intuitive intelligence to know when you are on the right path.

The coming year will be eventful, with continued polarity across the board, and an increase in natural disasters and extreme weather events.

While the 11 in the top of the Diamond shows a potential for peace where there has been conflict (Ukraine? Yemen?), there is also the possibility of new conflicts – intensified, as mentioned before, by the forceful, if not aggressive 1 at the bottom of the Diamond.

After a relatively quiet time (keyword “relative”, Yemenis would not agree), the Middle East may see an increase in violence or all-out war. The far East, perhaps Taiwan, may also see turbulence, or worse.

There will be continued hysteria based on the rejection of reality. Misinformation and alternative ‘facts’ abound - if there was ever a time to be vigilant, this is it.

But there will also be a chorus of voices speaking for truth and justice. The coming year will show those in distress fighting back and making themselves heard.



It is a privilege to be alive today, when we are witnessing a change in history and humanity not unlike the 60’s (not coincidentally, 1960 was also a 7-Year dividable by 7). This is an exciting time and an opportunity for each of us to reach for the very best we can be. The forces of ignorance, greed, and discrimination will push back forcefully, but their time is running out, as the 1 takes a bow, and the 2 gets ready to lead. And this year, the 7 brings the intelligence, wisdom, and introspection needed to counter the destructive forces that surround us.



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