2019 Global Numerology Forecast; Atlas stumbled

2020; The Year Atlas Stumbled

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Global Numerology Forecast

Published December 2019

Throughout history, certain years stand out because they shook our foundation and rocked the world. The years 1939 and 1945 come to mind, the beginning and the end of WWII, when close to 100 million people perished, forever changing the world politically, economically, and socially.

Eighty-one years later, nine complete epicycles of nine years each have passed, as we find ourselves facing a similar shockwave.


All numbers have a front and back, a positive and a negative influence.

The negative effect of the numbers in 2020 foresee our foundation crumbling. Where and to what extent depends on the degree we welcome and embrace the positive influence of this year’s numbers. Because, as dire as the future looks at first glance, there is a clear promise - a hope for a future few of us can imagine.

To put the enormity of next year's changes and events in perspective allow me to back up a little.


The Most Important Transition in One Thousand Years

In 1999 I wrote an article called "Numerology and The Great Transition; Why the Millennial Change Is Important," in which I explained beginning January 1, 2000, every child born will have at least one 2 in their date of birth - the first digit in their year of birth, which numerology calls a Cornerstone.

In the previous one thousand years, from January 1000 through December 1999, the Cornerstone had been a 1. To illustrate what this means, consider that the 1 and 2 are on opposite ends of numerology's spectrum. The 1 is self-oriented, individualistic, independent, confrontational, and ambitious. The 2 is cooperative, tolerant, non-confrontational, a peacemaker, and sensitive to others.

Although the Cornerstone of the year of birth has little influence on the individual, globally the impact is significant. To use an analogy, if every person in the world gave a dime to a cause, their personal sacrifice would be minor, but the end result would be $800,000,000. Similarly, every year since 2000, approximately 130 million children were born with a 2 Cornerstone instead of a 1, while about 70 million with a 1 Cornerstone passed on.

As years pass, the influence of the 2 will become more powerful, while that of the 1 will diminish. This is very fortunate indeed because the 2 represents brother/sisterhood – the essence of peace.

It is only a matter of time before the influence of the 2 outweighs the 1.


2020 - A Pivotal Year

The year 2020 showing in this chart is dominated by 0's, 2's,  and 4's When you apply the mechanics of numerology to the numbers in the calendar year 2020, the result looks like no other chart.

The numbers above the year 2020 point to opportunity and potential, while the lower part of the diamond relates to challenges and obstacles.

As you can see, three numbers dominate: 0, 2, and 4. The 4 on the right is the sum of each digit in the calendar year 2020; it is the Universal Year number and carries the most weight. With its hard angles and squarish shape, it represents stability. It is the foundation of our society.

At the top of the chart, we find a lonely 8 occupying a special position – like a coach, it directs the play. The 8, shaped like it could topple any time, is the number of money, power, and most of all, balance. It represents the material world of finance.

Found in this position, it tells us the economy will be strongly affected. The financial system, for centuries driven by the greed personified in Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand (patron saint of capitalists everywhere), will be the sledge-hammer that threatens our foundation. And because the 8 is all about karma - or if you'd prefer "what goes around comes around" - inequality will be the force swinging the hammer.


The Power of the 8

The balancing power of the 8 also indicates what was weak will become strong, and what was strong will weaken. There is no telling who rises and who falls, but there's little doubt we will all be affected by this karmic judge.

On many levels, powers swap in ways we can't predict, but it will be so evident we will look back at 2020 as a pivotal year. Unfortunately, there's also the strong potential for physical aggression; the proverbial bull in the china shop often rears its ugly head when the 4 and the 8 conspire. In this case, an increase in violence is almost certainly part of the agenda.


Sometimes Chaos Hides in Symmetry

This symmetric, narrowly focused, and rare arrangement of numbers so rhythmically aligned, coached by an 8 at the top and dominated by the 4, tells me 2020 will be a year of extreme historic events - delivering chaos and confusion, with the potential to turn our world upside down.

But there is hope. The arrangement that delivers the 4 and 8 is created by a combination of 2’s and 0’s, bringing with them an opportunity for unity and a commitment to higher ideals.


The Number That May Save Us.

A numerology chart of the year 2020 showing the amazing arrangement of 2's Take another look at the chart and notice the arrangement of 2’s.

The three 2's above the date are the result of adding adjacent digits, while the 2's below the date are the result of deducting neighboring digits (the smaller from the larger).

The balance is exquisite, as if they are embracing the year 2020 in celebration, or circling the wagons, and in a way they are. Our sense of belonging, of being part of a larger whole and fundamentally connected, will be significantly boosted. This feeling will inspire a highly focused, conscious effort to work together, especially among the younger generation.

This is not unlike the period during WWII when countries allied for political and military objectives, which brought the citizens of their countries together as a family in the struggle against a horrific evil. Once the war ended, that friendship endured for decades and had a positive influence on their economies and politics.

This time around, as the power of the 2 reaches a stage of maturity, our growing sense of community will ignore borders and cultural and economic differences. Like any healthy 20-year old, the new guard will take their rightful place and demand to be heard everywhere.

By the second half of 2020 many of us will recognize the struggle to survive isn’t just us against the environment, or the greed of the few keeping so many in poverty, or the intolerant strangling freedom and creativity - but of young thinkers against the old ways, of movement versus apathy, of defiance versus submission.

The essence of today's struggle is clarity and the awareness that we are hurtling towards extinction if nothing changes. The wake-up call has been sounding for many years, but recognition will reach critical mass in 2020.

But it will come at a price. Allow me to use another analogy.


Falling Awake

There are 300 people on an airplane, all living in their own world. One is going through a divorce, worried, sad, and filled with regret; another is on their way to a job interview, excited and hopeful; someone has a sick child at home and is distressed about being away; the person sitting next to them has financial problems.

Each individual is separate from the other until suddenly, an air pocket causes the plane to descend violently, dropping hundreds of feet seemingly forever. Every man, woman, and child on that plane grabs the armrest or the person next to them, feeling their stomachs churn and hearts race. The panic is real and fear turns seconds into minutes. At that moment, everyone enters the same reality; for those few seconds, they are one, aware of the fragility of life and equally aware of their desire to live.

When the pilot gains control and the plane levels out, everyone is relieved, looking to their neighbor for confirmation and gratitude. During those moments, they are one - if only for the duration of the flight. The feeling of connection, of shared experience, of being alike, is real.

The year 2020 will cause many of us to experience a similar sensation, brought on by a reality that can no longer be ignored - and by fear, perhaps in slow motion compared to a plane falling from the sky, but no less dramatic and certainly more permanent.

For many of us, the need for change is an intellectual understanding; 2020 will deliver the gut-wrenching reality. The time has come that the crazy guy on the corner holding a sign that the end is near, doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.


0 & 9 – Numerology's Original Twins

At the bottom of the chart we find three zeros.

In numerology, the zero plays a special role; when it appears as a result of adding numbers, it can only exist in conjunction with another number, such as 10, 20, 30…. The zero sharpens and enhances the attributes of the number it pairs with.

When found through deduction, as it is in our 2020 chart, the zero takes on the qualities of the 9 - the only number that can never be the result of deducting one digit (1 through 9) from another. The 0 and the 9 are like identical twins. They always cover for each other.


Global Awareness

The 9 (here represented by the zero) is the number of global awareness, politics, and justice, of self-sacrifice and idealism, shared causes and shared rights, of tolerance and loving thy neighbor.

Found at the bottom of the chart – the area of Challenges and Obstacles - the zero represents the qualities we need to embrace and make our own. If we fail to do so, the positive influence of the numbers present in 2020 won't stand a chance.

If we don't step up to the plate and incorporate these humanitarian qualities in a significant way, 2020 will be the Perfect Storm, where the powers aimed at destruction unite, and we produce nothing to stop our foundation from crumbling and our structures from falling.


Fortunately, the Scales Are About to Tip

The energy of the 1 - that ambitious, individualistic, self-reliant trailblazer with its "damn the torpedoes and get the (bleep) out of my way" attitude is on its way out, shrinking every year - while the energy of the 2, the empathetic, cooperative, tolerant, peace-loving healer, with its "share the burden/share the love" approach, is rapidly rising.

The year 2020 will be a pivotal year for much of the world, but old ways die slowly, causing damage and hardship on their way out.

The economy is on the block; political change turns countries upside down, people ignored rise up, those who were scattered combine resources, science and reason are given more credence, and spiritual epiphanies sow both doubt and clarity.

Be prepared for a year that will shake the world… as the young lead the way.

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