2022 Numerology Forecast

2022 Global Numerology Forecast; What Divides Us Also Unites Us
Numerologist Hans Decoz

What Divides Us Also Unites Us

We have been told history repeats itself, but it does not. Time is linear, and so is history. Events take place that remind us of previous experiences because they are similar, but they are never the same.

The coming year may seem much like 2020 and 2021, but it will be unique in its intensity, the damage we can expect, and the chaos that will, at times, make us feel helpless. It will also be a year of hope and promise, and a kind of rebirth.


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A Look Back

I titled my 2020 forecast The Year Atlas Stumbled and stumble it did. Covid ruled, fear and misinformation took the limelight, heroes in scrubs were our saviors, and our world changed as drastically as the numbers predicted.

My 2021 forecast was named Phoenix Rising, and we did - to some extent -  rise from the ashes. However, the flames are still all around us.

A numerology analysis of 2022 reveals we are heading for a struggle of epic proportions, one that will put the coming year in the history books as decisive and a point of no return on a global scale.

The numbers in 2022 also show that the year will bring a breakthrough of a different kind - a quantum leap in our understanding of who and what we are. Let’s start with the principal theme of 2022. 



Every religion, every legend, every fable, has at its core the struggle between good and evil. Central to that struggle we find love. When love is present, good follows. When love is absent, evil rules.

Love is the seat of empathy; and empathy, my friends, is the main dish for 2022.

Empathy is our connection to all living creatures. Without it we find greed, fear, the abuse of power, and cruelty. We see this in the world today, but it is changing.

There is a contradiction happening before our eyes. While the world is rapidly accelerating, a gradual, almost imperceptible change is taking place on a deeper level. Hidden from the media, the politicians, and the masters of industry, the presence of love and empathy is growing.

The Power of the 2

Two decades ago, I wrote a numerology article titled The Great Transition explaining the importance of entering the new millennium, starting January 1, 2000 - one thousand years when every person born will have one more 2 and one less 1 in their date of birth (than those born between 1000 and 1999).

The effect of the 2 replacing the 1 should not be underestimated. The 1 is physical, confrontational, and sees itself as standing alone and separate. The 2 thrives on feelings and our connection to each other - it is the direct opposite of the 1.

We now have a generation of young people born after January 1, 2000, who collectively are more conscious of the presence of empathy than previous generations. The sensitivity, empathy, and compassion they bring (qualities best expressed by the 2) could not be better timed.


Numerology Reveals a Hidden World

All numbers have a front and a back, a positive and negative side, and all have the potential for love, empathy, and compassion. But not all help us feel or project those qualities in equal measure.

The number 2 stands out in that regard. It is the peacemaker - gentle, tactful, non-confrontational – but make no mistake, it is extremely resilient and doesn't break easily.


A Numerology Analysis of 2022

When you break down the numbers for 2022 you notice a unique pattern - they are all even numbers, except for the 1 found at the top. The years 2020 and 2024 produce similar patterns - and yes, there are similarities.

The Numerology of 2022; a breakdown of the numbers

2022 is a 6 Universal Year. The 6 (in green) is the sum of the digits that make up 2022 which represents the direction we are aiming for, but not the driving force. This is an important distinction - it shows us where we are heading, not what will get us there.

The 6 is the most harmonious of all numbers – it is all about caring, compassion, self-sacrifice, family, community, and the desire to heal, teach, and improve the lives of others. It is honest and responsible.

Found in this position, it tells us there will be an increasing number of people willing to give of themselves, to sacrifice even. There will be no shortage of love in action, and we will need it.


The Numbers That Drive 2022

The numbers above the date 2022 (in blue) are found by adding the digits that make up the number 2022. Here we find a 1 at the top as the only odd number and in a dominant position - but we find it there courtesy of the 2, the 4, and the 6.

This tells us the 2 is the driving force, and the motivation and inspiration of this period emerges from love, empathy, a concern for life, and for the earth. It is not ego driven. The 2, in turn, is supported by the 4 and 6, which means the effort is pragmatic and effective.

Because it is a 6 Universal year, the struggle is a collective one, shared across all borders and boundaries, all cultures and races. People recognize they are responsible, and apathy is no longer an option. They will take to the streets or otherwise wrestle control from institutions, political parties, and other powers not in line with their demands.

The 1 at the top means there will be confrontations, violence, acts of courage, and the rise of new leaders. These actions, while disruptive (or worse), will also strengthen the sense of community, of belonging (the 6), and of shared hopes, inspiring many to step up to the plate.


As Above, So Below

The lower part of the diamond is dominated by the 2 and the 0. When numbers are found in the top half, their influence tends to be positive. When they are found in the bottom half, their influence turns negative or represents challenges and obstacles.

All numbers have a positive and a negative side and they are always each other's counterparts: greed vs generosity, tolerance vs intolerance, and so forth. With the 2 dominating both the upper and lower half of the diamond, we will witness a clash between its negative and positive qualities.

This conflict will be the essence of our experience in 2022. The central theme will be empathy - the quality that will either divide and break us or unite and save us.

The fight we witness will be between the oppressive, negative 2 that has little regard for those deemed different or less fortunate – and the positive 2 calling for human rights and equality for all.


What to Expect in 2022

The effects of climate change will become more apparent and disastrous than we have seen, but you don't need numerology to tell you that. We will have numerous weather-related events and perhaps other disasters such as earthquakes, but overshadowing these will be the uprising of people, especially during the latter part of the year.

Civil disorder will be global, but it will have a shared message: Care for people, care for the earth. Leave no one out. The turbulence will spring from love and empathy… as well as distress and alarm. The reaction from those who protect the status quo will be severe, creating a swelling backlash that will lead to extreme mayhem.  


The 6 to the Rescue

Ironically, this struggle will also strengthen our sense of community. The bonds that unite us won’t be blood or race or nationality, but empathy and the common goal of saving us from the downward spiral we have created.

Humanity is becoming more humane, where unbridled, greed-driven capitalism will no longer be tolerated. It is said “A dying mule kicks the hardest”. This mule will kick back, hard, at the growing influence of those seeking change, guided by the positive 2. This year will see confrontations that go down in history as decisive and pivotal moments.   


The Odd One Out

The personalities of numbers are archetypal and don’t change; however, the way we experience them depends on where they are found in a numerology chart. The numbers in 2022 are all even numbers, which tells us their influence is mostly pragmatic and realistic, and despite the focus on empathy, they express not so much idealism, but the need for practical change.

The odd one out is the 1 in the top. It represents the breakthrough I mentioned earlier. It will be big because it draws all the attention from the practical numbers. What it will be, I can’t say but you will know when it happens.


Looking Back from the Future

Years from now, we will recognize the period between 2020 and 2025 as the point of no return - and 2022 will stand out as the year people on the right side of every religion, every legend, and every fable, began their struggle in earnest and changed the course of history.



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