The Four Dimensional Numerology Chart

The slogan “location, location, location” applies as much to numerology as it does to real estate

The four dimensional numerology chart

Unless you consider where a number is located in your chart, the meaning of the number can easily be misinterpreted and misunderstood.

When you look at your numerology chart, the first thing you notice is… there are a lot of numbers. To the beginner, a numerology chart is the numerology version of alphabet soup: confusing and chaotic. Even professional numerologists tend to look at numbers as stand-alone bits of information. However, numbers link and affect each other similar to the way planets and stars – or particles - orbit each other in predictable patterns.

A numerology chart is not a flat, two-dimensional representation of an individual’s traits and personality. Your chart is three dimensional – no, I take that back – it’s four dimensional. Arranging the information hidden in your numbers begins by grouping them and creating a two-dimensional field - name numbers with name numbers, birth date numbers with birth date numbers, and finally numbers that link the name to the date of birth and vice versa.

A third dimension becomes apparent as some numbers move into the foreground and others slide to the back. The core numbers in your numerology chart (your Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, Personality, and Birth Day) are the most important – they are up front and dominate the field. Other numbers, such as Pinnacles, Challenges, Karmic Lessons and Hidden Passions, float in mid-field. They are important, but are somewhat overshadowed by the big guys. Finally, the Cornerstone, Balance number, Planes of Expression, and others exist more in the background.

But there’s a caveat: sometimes one or more of those numbers muscles its way towards the front. The Balance number, for example, becomes almost as important and influential as any of the core numbers when you are going through a particularly troubling time – especially emotionally. This is a good thing, because the aptly named Balance number is, more than any other number in your chart, able to offer some stability and sanity during those times. The Maturity number, hidden all the way in the back during the first 20 to 25 years of your life, gradually moves to the foreground between age 25 and 35 (depending on your Life Path and other numbers).

The Fourth Dimension in Your Numerology Chart

Time, the fourth dimension, is brought to you courtesy of your cycles. We know static numbers in your chart affect each other, but periodic cycles also influence them throughout your life. Your Life Path, the longest cycle in your chart, running from birth to death, is powered in large part by your Period Cycles which, in turn, are made up of nine-year epicycles. A Period cycle is always at least 27 years, producing three complete epicycles.

The next time you read your numerology chart, picture it as a moving, three-dimensional representation of what makes you who you are: a numerology version of a parallel universe; a reflection of you, as real as a photograph, but much more revealing.

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