global numerology forecast and predictions by Numerologist Hans Decoz
Numerologist Hans Decoz

Karmic shifts, conflicts, and love in unexpected places.

The digits in 2024 add up to 8 (2+0+2+4=8), which makes 2024 an 8 Universal Year, but that’s not the whole story.

2024 broken down to show the hidden numbers.

There are also hidden numbers we find using the Diamond charting method shown in the image.

Here too the calculations are easy. If you want to know how they are found, scroll to the bottom of this page.

The 8 is commonly associated with power and money, but its true nature is balance – not just in balancing energies or assets or resources, although that is often the result, but by pushing a karmic “you reap what you sow” energy and in doing so, money and power are its main tools.

Even the shape of the number 8 symbolizes balance as if it could topple at any time with a flick of your finger, and that sums up the year 2024 perfectly.

It will not be an average kind of year, as conflicts, large and small, as well as unexpected agreements and displays of cooperation previously thought to be close to impossible, dominate.

It will be a year when the human race shows both its best side and its worst, with little room for anything in the middle.

It will be a roller-coaster year of ups and downs, upsetting the economy and the global power structure but in a fragmented way, affecting countries, cultures, ethnicities, and classes differently; some benefit from this karmic wave, others will be harmed or diminished.

Keep in mind that this is not your personal forecast but a universal, global projection. It influences the planet as a whole and thereby, indirectly, each one of us. Your personal forecast affects you far more than a global forecast.

How 2024 will play out

While the 8 is the dominant number for 2024, the 3 at the top also has a powerful, positive influence (all numbers in the upper half have a positive influence, and those in the lower half have a negative or challenging effect).

The 3 is creative, optimistic, inspiring, social, irresponsible, and naïve. It likes to play and seeks humor and happiness in small things. It doesn’t hold grudges or take itself, or anyone else, too seriously. The 3 is somewhat superficial as it prefers to stay on the surface. It is the sunshine number whose upbeat influence gives us hope even during dark times.

Finding a 3 in this location is fortunate because we need those qualities desperately at a time when polarization, extreme nationalism, and fascism are on the rise.

This 3 is carried on the shoulders of even numbers (2, 4, 6, and 8), which are represented in the top part of the Diamond. This is an uncommon occurrence and another good sign, as it reflects the positive energy from those practical, grounded numbers. It will inspire us to act, not just talk, which will be reflected in the rise of grassroots organizations, unions, and other movements created to improve the quality of life for all of us, thereby shifting the power balance in large and small ways across the globe.

2024 broken down to show the hidden numbers.

The lower half of the Diamond shows only two numbers, the 2 and the 0 -also not a common arrangement.

The 2, in a challenging position, points to the need for people to be more humane; it calls for peace and tells us we are lacking in our efforts to attain this. The 2 reveals the need for cooperation, diplomacy, sensitivity, and empathy.

Finding it in the lower part of the Diamond tells us we cannot survive without it. The 2 is the Peacemaker, and speaks to our first and foremast challenge in 2024.

The zero

The zero in the lower part, including the bottom of the Diamond, is about global awareness and our connection to each other.

It represents sharing, healing, teaching, and idealism, and is non-judgmental. It reminds us we all have the same needs and desires. But finding it here indicates we lack that awareness, or rather, we are not addressing the inequity and strife so many are experiencing. It is a signal to step up to the plate if we hope to see a future for our children.

So, what can we expect?

More strife and escalation in the conflicts caused by governments and people in power, as well as the voices pushing back for fairness and freedom. I feel you thinking: “What else is new?” You are right, this has been happening for eons. The difference is, we are living during a time when everything is moving faster, the world has become a smaller place, and the tools meant to harm are a million times more sophisticated.

Think of two neighbors feuding a century ago, shouting insults across fields, pointing rifles, none willing to extend a hand to find common ground. Fast forward to today, where neighboring groups have multiplied - and are now holding sophisticated weapons.

But today, we also see a growing chorus for justice and peace. Increasingly, people on both sides are willing to put themselves in the other’s shoes, to reason and understand each other. This is my analogy for 2024: We are entering a more chaotic, dangerous time where world issues, from civil unrest to war, will intensify. But in unexpected places, love and understanding will temper the flames and bring peace where there is conflict.

A Balancing Act on Shaky Ground

The 8 Universal Year cycle will seek to bring balance, and that includes the forces of nature and the planet itself. This may be in the form of volcanic activity, earthquakes, or other catastrophes caused by movements of the tectonic plates. This year could bring several relatively small events - more than usual, and I am afraid at least one major calamity can be expected.

Last year versus this year

Last year, I predicted that a new technology would take hold causing huge changes. By March and April, the fairly obscure science of AI became the talk of the town and a household word almost overnight, and its long-lasting effect should not be underestimated.

I mentioned in that same forecast that: “After a relatively quiet time (keyword “relative”, Yemenis would not agree), the Middle East may see an increase in violence or all-out war.” Unfortunately, that turned out to be true.

This year, the conflict in the Middle East will likely expand, but so will the voices of people in the street calling for peace and justice.


Some things we can control. Some we can’t. We cannot prevent earthquakes or hurricanes, but we absolutely can control issues created by humans.

I have mentioned in several of my previous forecasts that the 2, the first digit in every year since 2000, gives me hope because the 2 is the peacemake. It tells us the younger generations will lead us away from this path of self-destruction we are so gung-ho to follow.

For the previous millennium, that cornerstone was the driven, hard-charging warrior, the easily angered, aggressive 1 – the first digit in every year from 1000 through 1999. We required bold moves during those years, we needed the 1’s dynamic power to push us forward, but our needs have changed and the torch is being passed as the old die and the young mature, bringing the energy and resources we need now.

The Good News

The rising tide of people worldwide, motivated by love and empathy, willing to stand up against violence and hatred, poverty, inequality, abuse, and injustice - this is the good news, and there will be a surprising lot of it.



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The Diamond calculation method

Explaining the numerology diamond calculation method

Begin by adding the first two digits, 2 and 0, and place the result (2) above them.

Add the digits and put the result above it.

Next, add the second and third digits, 0 and 2, and put the result (2) above them.

Add the digits and put the result above it.

Then add the third and fourth digits (2 and 4), and put the result (6) above them.

Add the digits and put the result above it.

Add the first and second digits in the second tier (2 and 2), and put the result (4) above them, and so forth, until you find the 3 in the top.

Deduct the first and second digits and place the result below it.

To find the numbers in the lower part of the diamond, deduct the first and second digit (2 and 0) and place the result below them.

Deduct the first and second digits and place the result below it.

Next, deduct the second and third digits (0 and 2) and place the result below them.

And just keep going, similar to the top half.

2024 broken down to show the hidden numbers.


The end result should be the same as this image.