The Decoz Numerology Chart Maker, was developed by numerologist Hans Decoz

Numerology charts usually consist of numbers and notes on a yellow pad.

There are some problems with that.

It's hard to oversee the chart as a whole, to recognize the connections between a range of numbers.

This is crucial during a consultation; you have to be able to see the relationships between all the numbers quickly, clearly, and easily, because all the numbers in a chart absorb and reflect energies from each other.

In the early 80's I grew into a habit of creating crude schematics that showed multiple numbers in a chart. Over time, the schematics became more organized, until eventually the lay-out grew into an easy-to-oversee concise numerology chart showing all relevant numbers as well as fifty years of cycles.

I made generous use of symbols to differentiate what any of them meant, and adding color based on number values (1 is red, 2 is orange, etc.), for easy viewing; color-coding them, not unlike a bookkeeper or librarian might do to organize their files and books.


I want to make it clear that I didn’t invent the algorithms.

The chart now known as the Decoz®Chart uses long established Pythagorean calculation methods. All I did was create an organized lay-out.

There were a few things I noticed early on.

Not only was the end result a chart I could work with without having to flip pages and look for notes, the focused effort of calculating and creating the chart by hand activated my intuitive powers, to such an extent I would have a pretty good idea of my next client’s posture and look. I am sure that nine out of ten times, I would be able to pick my client out of a group, even though I had never met them.


Below are sections of a chart with the name and location of each number.

I will use the fictitious Anthony Joseph Mercier, born October 12, 1986, and who goes by Tony Mercier.

The top left of the chart is used for his full name at birth, the right side for his current name.


The core numbers in Tony's numerology chart - Heart's Desire, Expression, and Personality


The Heart's Desire, Personality, Expression, Maturity, and Balance number are all based on the letters and their numerology values in the full name. The Minor Heart's Desire, Minor Expression, and Minor Personality are based on the current name and play a lesser, and very different role.

Whereas your full name at birth reflects who you are - think of it as your numerological DNA - the name you use to introduce yourself shows how you see yourself; who you think you are.


All numbers that are derived from your date of birth (shown in the center bar of the star - in Tony's case 10/12/1986) have to do with the "momentum" of your life; your cycles, life's path, and personal growth.

These include your Life Path (the most important number in your chart), your Pinnacle and Period cycles, your Birth Day number, Rational Thought, and Challenges.


The star shape contains all the numbers from your date of birth


The Hidden Passion and Karmic Lessons are based on the letters in your name, and is one of the most revealing aspects of your chart.

The Planes of Expression is also based on the letters in your name; the letters in the alphabet are divided in four groups: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Intuitive. This part of the chart shows to what extent you have been given these attributes.


The Hidden Passion and Planes of Expression.


The three circles in the chart (only one is shown here) represent the Essence cycles and the Personal Months. The wave below it shows vertical columns stacked to include Transits, the Essence, the Period cycles, and the Pinnacle cycles, as well as the person's age, and the calendar year.

The Subconscious Self is shown inside the "arch", while the Cornerstone, Capstone, and Key make up the triangle.


The wave has all the cycles, long- and short-term


Last but not least: The Diamond Spirit reading is based on the first nine letters of your name and shows to what extent your experiences on the physical and material plane affect your spiritual growth, and vice versa. The Diamond is used by few numerologists and is thought to be an Arabian off-shoot of the Pythagorean system. Understanding your Diamond can help you overcome challenges and obstacles.


The chart shows the Diamond Spirit guide in the centert




Or see analysis of famous people, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Trump & Putin, Donald Trump, Prince George, and Debbie and Carrie Fisher.


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