Question: Can you have too many 2s?

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Luci asks about having too many 2s she has in her chart and how that affects here - she is wondering if she will always be shy.



Dear Hans,

First of all, I all. I have enjoyed reading your blogs for some time now, it's very interesting and informative!

I was born 2/..., and breaking it down, I sure have a lot of 2's. which I know also breaks down to number 4, structure, that's no fun, I like my freedom! My married name is Luci ..., my full name at birth is Lucila ..., and know my expression is 7. Am I doomed to be a shy introvert for life?



Dear Lucy,

Your chart, shown here, has interesting numbers, some of which are conflicting. This is not uncommon and your letter shows that you managed to nail the most obvious contradictions, so let's take a look at them.

Lucila's numerology chart showing many 2s

The core numbers derived from your name at birth are 7, 8, and another 8. As you mentioned, the 7 is introvert. The 8, on the other hand, is anything but. In fact, the 8 is a powerful and in-your-face number with strong business skills and considerable authority and personal power.

As I have mentioned in previous articles and Dear Hans responses, the important issue is where a number is found in the chart.

The 7 found as an Expression number has more to do with talents, abilities, and perhaps short comings, than with personality behavior patterns. Had the 7 appeared as a Personality number or a Heart's Desire number, you would have been considerably more withdrawn and socially inapt than you are now.

That doesn't take you off the hook completely, you certainly have an introvert streak, but in a way, you have received the best of both worlds; you have the strength and confidence of the 8 combined with the intelligence, integrity, and spirituality of the 7.

Although they do at times conflict, as when you are negotiating or confronting someone regarding a specific and practical issue, but instead of being fully engaged in the moment, there is this persistent objective observer lurking in your mind (the 7) that is looking at the situation from a very different perspective and basically occupying a big chunk of the attention that should be devoted to the more practical matter at hand.

Your challenge is to make those two numbers complement each other as opposed to getting in each other's way.

The best approach to do that is how we overcome any of our weaknesses; recognize them, understand the underlying reasons, and use discipline, consciousness, and determination to work through them.

But here is the real problem. Your letter gives the impression that you are not comfortable with yourself in the context of social interactions and/or as a "people" person ("Am I doomed to be a shy introvert for life?" ).

First, your discomfort is not so much a result of the 7 Expression but rather your first, fourth, and third Challenges, all of which are 2's. (Your second Challenge is a 0.) A 2 Challenge makes it difficult for a person to relate to others and bond with them easily.

There is always an underlying sense of loss, of separation, of not relating to the other person. There is a nagging feeling that you are not of the same species, that there is a fundamental difference that can't be overcome. And this, in turn, creates shyness and insecurity.

Add to that the 7 Expression and it makes sense that you consider introversion a punishment (doomed?). That is too bad, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being introvert.

Introverts have just as easy access to happiness as extraverts. If not more. Here is why. Look at a typical display of extravert people and you see laughing, talking, back slapping, hugging, and so forth. Wonderful and certainly a source of joy and comfort.

A little of to the side is "Uncle Harry" who is definitely considered an introvert. He is watching and enjoying the show. He doesn't feel separate or left out at all. He is grateful for having so many friends, enjoys the view, and even though he stands there alone, doesn't feel lonely at all.

Obviously, this is a somewhat exaggerated and simplified scenario, but it illustrates the difference between the frustrated sense of not connecting, of being a wall flower, typical to a 2 Challenge, and the introversion of a 7.

I would also like to point out that you are currently experiencing your third and last major transformation. You are at the end of two long-term cycles; your 2nd Period Cycle going into your 3rd and last Period Cycle, in your case from a 22 to another 22 - same number, different effect - and from your 3rd Pinnacle into your 4th - in your case from a 5 into a 6, a very different influence as the 6 is the opposite of a 5.

Especially moving from a 5 into a 6 cycle will benefit you as far as people skills as the 6 is very much the harmonious, warm, attractive, and "touchy-feely" number.

As for entering a second 22 Period Cycle, you can compare that with entering a new stage in a body-building career; the first stage was just tough and difficult, the second stage you get to benefit from all that exercising you did the previous years. In other words, your potential to reach whatever goals or dreams you have, has increased exponentially.

Hans Decoz



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