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Dianne asks why everyone isn't essentially the same as everyone else, if they all have the nine numbers in their charts.



Dear Hans,

It seems that if you have a 6 for Life Path or a 6 for Expression or a 6 for your birthday ... it all means the same! So, if you have a 6 for Life Path and a 9 for Expression and another number for something else ... aren't you just going to be like everyone else -- a little bit of everything?

I find your book extremely interesting, I just don't know if I will ever understand it all!



Hi Dianne,

Your question touches upon the most intricate and challenging aspect of numerology; the influence of a number based on its location in the chart.

Numerology is not a complicated science, at least not when it comes to calculating a chart, memorizing the meaning of the numbers, and so forth. It takes nothing more than some diligent study and you are good to go, or so it seems. However, the reality is quite different.

Once someone has mastered the aforementioned requirement, read some books, memorized the meaning of numbers, learned the mechanics, and so forth, then hangs out a shingle and starts practicing numerology, the result, for the clients at least, tends to be very confusing and exactly what you, in your question, refer to. Everyone becomes a little bit of everything.

By the time the “numerologist” has discussed all the numbers found in the chart, the customer’s personality has become like a stew of all potential traits and qualities, with nothing unique or noteworthy standing out to make that person an individual, because most people do have every number appear in the chart.

In my book, Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny, Tom and I have made it a point, a top priority actually, to describe each number over and over again based on where that number appears in the chart.

This is what makes a person unique. For example, in your question you mention a person might have a 6 Life Path, someone else perhaps a 6 Expression, another has a 6 Birth Day. Well, the influence of that 6 will be very different in these three cases.

To keep things simple, let’s say all three are males, and we will focus on the most obvious quality of the 6: it’s protective, caring side. The first person, with a 6 Life Path, shows this quality in all aspects of life, independent of circumstances, or anything else.

Like someone born to be a father, he treats everyone with that quality dominating his attitude. It doesn’t matter if he actually is a father or a mother, that has nothing to do with it. Furthermore, since it is his Life Path number, his approach to obstacles, his success, his future, all depend on his commitment to caring and protecting others. His life centers around friends and family, his social life is healthy and comfortable, people are drawn to him everywhere he goes.

However, if he does not have the opportunity to play this role, he will revert into a cynical, cold person, and lacking a social life.

The person with a 6 Expression, of course has the same dominant trait of needing to care for others and feeling protective.

However, in his case, he will almost certainly express this through his work more than his personal life (depending, of course, on his Life Path number). He may become a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, or some other profession that focuses on the well being of others. If he has a 7 Life Path, he may not even get married, have only a few friends, and use his spare time to study and read – perfectly happy and fulfilled in his comfortable world of spiritual discovery, enriching the mind, and appreciating solitude.

The third person, with a 6 Birth Day, may not have any interest in a career focused on others. If he has a 4 Expression, he may choose to become an accountant, sitting behind spread sheets all day long.

If his Life Path is a 9, his social life may not be all that great either as he tends to come off aloof and distant, a bit of a know-it-all perhaps, but certainly refined and sophisticated. However, this individual may very well dedicate much of his spare time volunteering for the Boys and Girls club, a local food kitchen, supporting environmental causes, or raising funds for the Boy Scouts.

Dianne, the difference in how numbers influence us based on different locations is subtle and it takes years of practice to reach the point where you can look at a chart and see how the numbers might interact to reflect a certain individual.

The above examples are crude and certainly a little one-sided, but I hope it sheds some light on the actual value and potential numerology can have to get a better understanding of yourself and your talents, capabilities, and challenges.

More than anything, numerology is a self-help tool, inspiring us to reflect on ourselves, contemplate to what extend this or that aspect of a chart makes sense, and so forth. It is not an exact science, something I always keep in mind. In fact, it is just as beneficial to contemplate a quality, positive or negative, that your chart tells you is part of your makeup, and realizing it really is not, as it is to come to the understanding that yes, that is a big part of who you are. In either case, you have enriched yourself and come to understand more of who you are.

Hans Decoz



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