The Numerology Meaning of hurricane names can be very revealing, especially when connected to their date of first appearance.

A numerology analysis of hurricane names can tell us much about the object.

Let's take a closer look at the names of some of the most devastating storms in US history. Unfortunately, many of the most powerful and deadliest hurricanes happened before we started naming them. (In 1953 the US started using female names for storms, and in 79 we began using male names as well.)

Here are some of the worst and most devastating named hurricanes in US history

Katrina, 2005.

The name Katrina has a remarkable combination of numbers and letters. Only 4 numbers can be considered core numbers, three of which are Master numbers and one is a 9.

This is almost unheard of and is well above the statistical average. Core numbers are found by adding numbers in a name. Adding the numerical values of the vowels gives us an 11, a Master number. Adding the consonants gives us a 9, adding all the letters, consonants and vowels, gives us another 11.

When we add the numbers of Katrina's "birth date" we come to 22. If this was an individual's full name and date of birth, it would be a dangerously unpredictable, overly sensitive if not utterly neurotic control freak.

In addition, the individual letters in the 7-letter name Katrina include two 2's, two 1's, two 9's, and one 5.

This is a volatile mix to say the least. The 1 and the 2 are opposites and clash head on under almost all circumstances. The 1 and the 9 are also opposites, albeit in a different way. But they are as disharmonious as the 1 and 2. Throw in the most dynamic and unpredictable of all numbers, the 5, and the name Katrina resembles nothing as much as an inexperienced chemistry student experimenting with nitroglycerine.


Camille, 1969.

Camille has the core numbers 1, 4, and 6 from the name, while the number 2 is derived from the date it formed - we will consider that the birth date. A less spectacular combination than Katrina, it nonetheless reflects an unstable relationship among its numbers.

The aggressive, violent, and confrontational 1 stems from adding all the letters, while the systematic, disciplined 4 is the result of adding only the consonants. A warrior's combination par excellence.

The fact that the vowels add to 6, at first glance does not seem to fit the violent world of a warrior, until you realize that whereas the positive 6 is the most loving and caring of all numbers, the negative 6 is the most cold-hearted.

Since hurricanes are by definition destructive, we focus on the negative manifestations of the numbers and in that view, the 6 is particularly scary.

The 2 is similarly terrifying, precisely because when as gentle and feminine a number as the number 2 turns against you, its intuitive insight helps it to know exactly how to hurt you in ways no masculine force ever can.

Camille managed to cause the death of more than 250 people and more than 7 billion dollars in damage (in today's value), by roaming up the coast line "stroking " the East coast with 150-mile winds and saving its hardest punch for last, a seduction of a different kind.


Andrew, 1992.

Andrew appeared during an otherwise fairly quiet hurricane year but packed a punch that killed about 40 people and did 5 times the financial damage Camille caused. Its core numbers consist of a 5, a 6, an 11 - again a Master number - and a 9 derived from its birth date.

Again, we see some discordance. The 5 and 6 don't get along and when you put their negative energies into a single basket the result spells big trouble. There is the fire, chaos, and complete lack of control brought in by the negative 5, while the negative 6, as mentioned earlier, is cold as ice.

Throw in the 11 Master number, and you are looking at an overanxious, obsessed, hysterical child throwing tantrum after tantrum with zero regard to the damage it is doing. With the number of finalities, the 9, reflecting its path, the devastating results are obvious.


Donna, 1960.

Born August 29, 1960, Donna holds the record for the longest storm maintaining category 3 or higher status. The name Donna presents the core numbers 3, 5, and 7, while the date it was first formed adds to 8.

The first thing the 3, 5, 7 combination tells us is that Donna was delivering a message. It was loud, chaotic (the 5), and almost spiritual in its energy. The real disturbing numbers are found hidden in the date it was formed where an 11 Master number teams up with the 16 Fallen Tower.

With the powerful force of the 8 at its foundation, the cruel essence of the 11, and the self-destructive oomph of the 16, it is no surprise that this storm killed almost 400 people and did enormous damage over an unusually long period of time.

In a way, the number sequences behind the names and dates of formation of hurricanes are by definition negative and destructive.

However, it appears that the number combinations we just looked at are particularly disharmonious. As a numerologist I would suggest that when naming a hurricane, we should consider its "date of birth." This could, at least to some extent, allow us to select a name whose number sequence is least likely to add additional punch to the numbers derived from the date of formation - numbers we cannot control.

Below are names already set aside for future hurricane seasons. With each name I mention the three core numbers, followed by those numbers that, if they happen to appear as the core number derived from the date of its formation, are most likely to severely intensify the dangerous forces already reflected within the name. I.e. we should pick names that are least discordant with the proposed name.



Kathy has an interesting question about hurricane names

She suggests they use a numerologist to chose those names, and I couldn't agree more.


Dear Hans,

I read your article about hurricane names.

Names hold a vibrational frequency, as the world meteorological organization seem to understand after the fact because they will drop the name if it was particularly devastating, so why not use numerology to have a little control over the outcome?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the weather people name the Hurricane a name that is less disastrous to us and our experience of it…if we are manipulating nature by naming these storms anyway, then everyone supports it by calling it that name.


Hi Kathy,

That is an interesting question that opens a huge can of worms. In my article about hurricane names I suggested to look at both, the name of the next hurricane based on the list put together by the WMO, and the date that hurricane comes into existence, and to choose perhaps a different name if the numbers are particularly disharmonious. After all, why not use every bit of influence we have available to us to alleviate the danger of the next hurricane.

This, of course, begs the question to what extend the name influences the hurricane's destructive powers. A question that can never be answered since we don't have the option of experimenting. I look at it more as the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Did the hurricane's energies cause so much destruction because we named it badly, or did we name it badly because it was meant to do that much destruction?

In previous articles I mentioned the synchronicity and inherit orderliness that underlies all of creation, without which, there would be no predictability whatsoever, including the most basic facts like the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and so forth. It is this synchronicity, this complexity of energies and their interactions, that we try to tap into with sciences such as astrology and numerology.

Which brings me to the one thing we can definitely use to help minimize the damage from the destructive powers of anything and anyone, and that is to use numerology as a warning tool. We can certainly tell when a particular name, combined with its "birth date," is more dangerous and damaging, and use that information to prepare us for it.

In fact, this is the only true value we get from numerology and other metaphysical sciences; they offer information which we can use to prepare ourselves. Whether it is a hurricane or a human being, we can learn from the name and the date of its birth and make decisions based on that. Which also helps to remind us how ludicrously vulnerable we are.

So look around you, see the beauty and harmony that is reflected in every aspect of creation, especially where untouched by human follies, and trust that the same care and love is working for you every moment of every day, because recognizing that will do wonders to your ability to enjoy this life.

Hans Decoz


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