Changing your name with the help of numerology.

What You Need To Know About Your Name

A rose, by any other name, is no longer a rose. Why? Because a name is so much more than a label.

A name is a melody, a vibration. A name invokes an image, a feeling, an impression. We know this, advertising agencies know this, aspiring actors and their agents know this.

Would the name Bernie Wayne invoke the same "vibe" as John Wayne?

What About Your Name?

Your name is not an accident; your name reveals who you are. The concept that the name you were given at birth can reveal a great deal about your personality, likes and dislikes, your talents and weaknesses may sound strange on the surface, but a closer look offers a different picture.

We do not choose our own names at birth, our parents do. Most people are comfortable with their names, and rightly so. Parents tend to do a good job naming their children.

A combination of love and intuition, virtually assures that the child receives a name that fits it perfectly. It doesn't matter whether the name is chosen because they like the sound of it or it's to honor an ancestor, or any other reason - even names received after adoption, or names entered in the birth certificate with a typo, tend to fit perfectly. Even nick names and screen names tend to suit the personalities of their owners.

But not everyone is happy with their names.


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Why You May Want to Change Your Name.

A person can have good reasons to change their name. It could be for professional reasons, for marriage or after a divorce, and even religious reasons. Spiritual teachers sometimes require their students to change their names. But in my experience, the most common and viable reason to change your name is because you feel it doesn't fit you anymore. Maybe you feel it never did, or perhaps you outgrew the name. Either way, those are all legitimate reasons to look into a name change.

It is not uncommon for a person to reach a stage in life where a certain discomfort is connected with their everyday name; a recognition of discordance, a deep inner feeling that the name is no longer in harmony with the flow of life. At that point, a name change - with the help of numerology - may be in order.


How to adjust your name according to numerology

I have had quite a few clients ask for a name change consultation for the purpose of attracting money, or power, or whatever they felt was the missing piece to a perfect life. But changing a name is like whack-a-mole, in that anything you add requires something else to be removed, and the number of variables are almost infinite.

Still, numerology can be extremely helpful for a person who genuinely feels a name change is needed.


How does numerology work with names?

Your name is all about letters and numbers; it's a pattern of symbols and connections that reveal hidden truths from a perspective no other metaphysical science offers. For that reason, it has been the go-to practice for name change consultations.

For many people, the full name at birth is not the same name they call themselves on day-to-day basis - it is generally a shorter version.

Although you can't change the fact you were given your full name at birth, you can change your current name, and that change can impact the quality of your life, because your current name reflects who you think you are; the way you see yourself. And as any life coach will tell you, the way you view yourself is crucial to your life experience and your potential for success and happiness.

Every time you introduce yourself you confirm an image, a range of qualities, a feeling of who you are as a person. You influence your own world, your immediate environment, and the people around you, whenever you say your name.

When you say your name, you do more than simply label yourself as "so-and-so" -- you create an impression in sound and vibration, and this impression, this hidden knowledge, is like currency; it has real value.

The aspects in your chart that are affected are, the Minor Expression, Minor Heart's Desire, Minor Personality, but also more obscure aspects, such as the Planes of Expression when applied to the current name.

Our app offers a great tool for analyzing names, one for people, and another one for businesses or products. (The reason we offer two Numerology Name Analyzers, is that the requirements for naming people or products are direct opposites. A person's name affects that person directly, while a business or product name analyzer prioritizes how the names are perceived.)


What Happens When You Change Your Name?

The effect of a name change is gradual and usually takes between six months and two years. A rule of thumb is that a name change has not taken full effect until the person thinks of themselves first and foremost by their new name.

A question I ask a client when they are not sure, is: "If someone wakes you in the middle of the night and asks your name while you are still a bit groggy, what name comes out of your mouth?"


Numerology Name Changes, and Success

In today's society, in order to be successful, you have to make the right impression, and the name is the first impression one gets. However, it goes both ways and that's often forgotten: You also have to be the right person for the name.

A name can be good for one person and bad for another. If the traits and qualities in the name don't suit you, it's not a good name for you. This is why it is important to get guidance, and there is simply no metaphysical practice more suited to advise you in your name change, than numerology.


The numerology behind your online persona, author's pseudo names, screen names, and other nick names.

Whether you're creating a Facebook profile, signing up for online dating or you work in an office where instant messenger is the main means of communication, it's important to know your screen name has a persona all its own.

Just like your actual name, a screen name creates an instant impression on people who've known you for years ... or people who don't know you at all. Will others think your chosen name is just as cute, clever, or professional as you intended?
Beyond its first impression, your screen name has a deeper significance based on the Numerology behind it, which teaches that numbers have metaphysical significance.


Choosing a Nick Name

Let's take a look at the Numerology behind three variations of gender terms: girl, gal and lady, using the screen names "libragirl," "libragal" and "libralady." Right off the bat, we know this person is a Libra woman, but what traits - from the perspective of numerology - combine with her Libran femininity?

According to Decoz' Name Advisor, Libragirl is "a name that reflects analytical powers and a quest for knowledge and information, a search for truth and wisdom. The name libragirl makes one feel like one is in the company of greatness and unconventional intelligence. Inventive. Emotion takes a back seat to mental prowess."

The first impression of libragal is "Powerful, a conqueror, [who] devours the weak and rules the strong. The name libragal reflects money and power. It is a carnivore, a winner at all costs."

As for libralady: "[The name] ... promotes optimism, inspiration and enthusiasm. It feels cheerful, outgoing and charming. This name represents self-expression and communication skills. Its upward energy is a sign of tremendous creativity and all artistic endeavors are empowered by its vibration. The name libralady attracts just about everyone. It carries great public relation and communication skills, and an innate ability to charm the most cynical folks."

Number Placement

It's very common to mix names and numbers within a screen name - especially when the name you want to use is already taken! In those situations, most websites will designate numbers for you so that your new screen name is unique. Adding numbers to your screen name certainly helps your chances, since there are so many numerical combinations to try. Whether they're the numbers in your home address, graduation year or favorite digit, where do these numbers fit in best?

Surprisingly, where numbers are placed within a name has no impact on the Dominant Impression Number, Vowel Vibration Number or Base Vibration Number. It's the letters that hold the most weight here, so you needn't be concerned about the numbers being placed in the beginning, middle or end of your screen name. However, each number does have a minor influence of its own. (Learn more about the influence of single digit numbers here.)



Changing Your Name for Marriage Will Change You.


As a numerologist, I make a distinction between organic and artificial name changes.

Organic name changes are the result of events that are a natural part of a one's evolution. An obvious "organic" reason would be marriage. However, times are changing and more and more women prefer to keep their maiden name.

As a rule of thumb, that is a good choice, because there should be no need to sacrifice a part of who you are for any reason, including marriage. And that is exactly what you do when you take on your partner's name - you sacrifice a piece of yourself.

Changing Your Name for Artificial Reasons

Artificial name changes, however, are names designed in the (almost always) futile attempt to add or remove certain attributes without going through the normal process of learning, overcoming obstacles, and so forth.

It is disheartening to hear about "numerologists" who suggest that someone change a name to “add an 8 in order to become rich and famous”, or to add a 5 to overcome shyness. If a numerologist - or anyone for that matter - tells you changing your name will help you become a happier, healthier, or wealthier human being, you are getting bad advise.

There is a big difference between an individual who feels the need to change their name, and a name change meant to be a shortcut to a happier and more successful life. There are no shortcuts and trying to skip ahead throws a monkey wrench into the natural evolution of your life's path.


What does numerology say about going back to my maiden name?

Yes - and almost certainly in a positive way. A rule of thumb: The name closest in makeup to the name given at birth is the more favorable to you and to what you want out of this life – especially when you are single. There are, however, plenty of exceptions.

It is surprising how many people who change their name for organic reasons (marriage, adoption, career requirements) as opposed to artificial reasons, intuitively or coincidentally acquire a name with just the right number combinations to make a positive impact.

Also consider that the age-old practice of a woman surrendering her last name to adopt her husband’s is often beneficial to the relationship. This is not as much about “surrender” as it is about sharing the same name (or a part of the same name when both names are used).

I would advise to have both last names analyzed, and a combination with both names included, because, as I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of exceptions.


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