The Numerology Name Game

Numerology is an excellent tool to help you analyze and advise on a name.

There is a reason our numerology app has two different name analyzers; one for people, another for business.

The proper conditions for naming a business or a product are the exact opposite of naming a person.

When naming a business or a product, we are less concerned with the actual qualities hidden in the core name numbers, than with the effect the name has on people who hear it - i.e. instead of making the thing that is named the first priority, it is the person who hears it who matters most.

The people responsible for the design of a new product will devote large amounts of time and money to get the shape and the color just right. Everybody understands that the wrong color can mean failure in the marketing of a good product. The right color can mean success even for a mediocre product. The right name - the right numerology name - can make or break a business, or a product.

In order to be successful, you have to make the right impression. 


The name is the first impression one gets.

A Texas-based energy business named Entergy, with their choice of company name, severely frustrates its own business potential. From the point of view of numerology, the name is simply terrible. It is awkward and infantile. Sometimes a slight adjustment can make a big difference. A struggling mall, not far from here, is named Mall of the Mainland. A bad choice. Change it to Mainland Mall and business will improve.


What the Name Analyzer for Business Can Do For You

Can you imagine the actor John Wayne as Eugene Wayne or Marion Morrison (which was his given name)? Just as actors choose a stage name to convey a certain persona, advertisers spend countless hours inventing and testing names to appeal to the desired demographic. When a corporation prepares to launch a new product, they hire teams of copywriters, PR experts, even psychologists to find a name that inspires confidence, excitement, or feelings of security.

The Name Advisor for business analyzes the influence a name has on the human psyche. It is less concerned with the actual qualities hidden in the name than it is with the way the name is perceived when others hear it. The Name Advisor suggests the impression the word leaves when we hear or see it. Use it to help you chose the best name for a product, business, or other venture.


How The Name Analyzer For Business Works

We analyze a name using three sets of letters: the vowels, consonants, and all the letters combined (the main impression). A name is not unlike a musical score. The consonants carry the piece, the vowels deliver the high notes, and together they create a sound that delivers a feeling, an impression, an atmosphere. As it is with music, a certain name may work well in one setting, but not in another.

The first text below describes the main impression people feel after viewing or hearing the name in question. This is followed by the lesser impact of the consonants and vowels. If the main influence of your name has the potential to be overly aggressive, for example, the vowels or consonants might lend a gentle, cooperative energy that can mitigate its combative nature. Conversely, just the opposite might be true.


How To Use The Name Analyzer

When you read your report, make sure the description is suitable for the product or business you are naming. For example, if you are starting an accounting firm, look for a name that reflects dependability, trustworthiness, and stability, even if that name is also labeled as boring and rigid. If you are opening a sports or camping store, look for a name described as bold, dynamic, risk-taking, and freedom-loving.

Notice that each reading concludes with a list of businesses or careers particularly suitable for that name. This gives you a general idea of how well the name will fit for a similar product. If the name fits a sports business, it will also be favorable for a fitness product.

Every description includes qualities that are not ideal, but if you know your market you should be able to find a name that presents your endeavor in the best possible light.


An example name analysis:

Mainland Mall

With 7 as its main influence, Mainland Mall reflects analytical powers, a quest for knowledge, and the search for truth and wisdom. It makes one feel they are in the company of unconventional intelligence and eminence in a chosen field. It is inventive, promotes study, research, open-mindedness, and daring new concepts. The 7 is a natural scholar, researcher, auditor, poet, and writer. The name Mainland Mall feels serious; it inspires depth, insight, contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

The vowels in Mainland Mall add joy, inspiration, creativity, and a happy-go-lucky approach to the name's main impression. They help the name feel light, unburdened, witty, and fun; they inspire enthusiasm and excitement. The vowels make Mainland Mall more energetic and dynamic and give an impression of mental and emotional balance. They enhance the name's ability to draw people in.

The consonants in Mainland Mall add a feeling of reliability and consistency to the name's main impression. They radiate trust, efficiency, common sense, and a down-to-earth, practical nature; one feels secure and in capable hands. They reflect strength, efficiency, dependability, family values, and strong morals.

Possible undesirable effects:
The vowels in Mainland Mall can feel scattered and short on discipline. This could lead some to question whether the business or product will deliver on its promises.

BELOW IS A LIST of businesses considered suitable for this name. The list is not definitive; it simply links the positive qualities reflected in the impression the name conveys to businesses that might benefit from those characteristics. It is not comprehensive, so if your business isn't listed, allow the descriptions to guide you. If you are trying to name a business or a product, focus on the descriptions rather than the list of careers/businesses.

Legal, Mechanical/Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Tools/Hardware, Education, Public Relations/Marketing, Accounting, Consulting, Human Resources, Visual Arts/Photography, Interior Design, Music/Dance/Acting, Art/Antiques, Architecture, Construction, Financial Planning, Counseling/Therapy.

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