2019 global Numerology Forecast


Shaking Up The Status Quo!

The year 2019 is a pivotal year - one for the history books.

2019 Global Numerology Forecast; changes and upheaval


Global Numerology Forecast For 2019


Numerology chart breakdown of the year 2019

This chart shows the numbers that dominate 2019 - the most influential being the 3 Universal Year number.

The 5 at the top brings freedom and chaos.

The 6 at the bottom tells us what we will need to get through it.


When the 3 rules communication is key, but with a tendency to play fast and loose with fantasy vs reality. The 3 is creative and playful, but also irresponsible and superficial, like a child bending the world around it to be what it wants it to be. When the 3 steps in like a wild child shaking a tree to see what falls, there’s no telling who or what gets hit.

The coming year is likely to deliver a steady bombardment of revelations and surprises - some beneficial but much not so welcome. To stay with my analogy, this particular tree has some troublesome fruit…

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