Numerology Meaning of Numbers; The Unique Personalities of Numbers




In Numerology, each single-digit number has its own personality




In Numerology, each single-digit number has its own personality


While there are certain character traits that are shared by more than one number, each number's complete personality is unique and easy to recognize.

For example, while the personalities of both the 6 and 9 have compassionate, self-sacrificing, caring qualities, they express these attributes in very different ways. The 6 is family and community oriented – it shares its care and compassion with people close by: family, friends, and neighbors. The 9 has a global perspective, directing its sympathy and self-sacrifice toward people at large, without the need to know them personally. In fact, the 9 can seem a bit aloof to people close to them, while the number 6 doesn’t relate easily to people it has no connection to. Hence, when a family member reaches out to help you or volunteers at the local food kitchen, they probably have a strong 6 in their chart, while the friend raising money to combat poverty in a foreign country, is behaving more like the 9.

When learning Numerology, perhaps the most challenging aspect is understanding the important effect the surrounding environment has on the number’s “personality”. Where a number is located in your chart is just as important as the number itself - similar to the way people act differently depending on their situation. In fact, the same number may express itself in a positive way when found in one location of a Numerology chart, and a negative way when located in a different area. A numerologist must look beyond the general traits of each number, to the subtle differences and changeable nature they elicit under varying circumstances. The playful disposition of the 3 will be appreciated at just about any social gathering, but its tendency to be unfocused and disorganized might make it less welcome in the workplace.

In my book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, I identify the way a number’s attributes change as I move through each aspect of the chart – the same method I used when creating personal charts in the World Numerology App. In the Personality Profile, you will find a unique description for the 1 as a Life Path number, and a different description for the 1 when it appears as your Expression, Heart’s Desire or Personality Number. The 1 will always be bold and individualistic, but it’s behavior changes somewhat when viewed from each of these categories. Surrounding numbers also play a part in the way each number acts and reacts. Learning these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences gives each number – and your personal chart - more depth, insight, and nuance.

The personality of the number 1 is strong, individualistic and goal-oriented – helpful traits for success in any endeavor. But during confrontations, the same number is likely to become aggressive and combative, even bullish. The number 2 is its opposite - subtle, gentle, diplomatic, sensitive, and cooperative. The tactful 2, ever the peacemaker, is a welcome addition during an argument or negotiation – but its sensitive nature can be hypersensitive and easily hurt. Two sides of the same coin.

The shape of each number also symbolizes its personality (numbers are, by definition, symbols). The 1 is upright, unbending, in your face - the number 2, humble, flexible, and resilient, almost as if it is bowing on its knees. But make no mistake, the rigid 1 is unbending and will break under too much pressure, while the flexible 2 - at times squashed by too much weight – will bounce back once the pressure is off. The survival qualities of the cooperative 2 often outlast the stubborn 1.

You can see which numbers are most prominent in your personal chart on the free Proportional Chart in the World Numerology App. While you are there, click the "Learn More" link at the top of that page to read the personality of each of your main numbers.






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