The History and Meaning of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a relatively new phenomenon.

As someone who has read numerology books in four languages, since 1970, I cannot remember a single mention of them until about the mid-nineties.

This does not mean that there is no validity to them.

Angel numbers are connected to numerology - I consider them an offshoot. There is no real basis in any of the algorithms or theories found in Pythagorean numerology, nor is there any mention of these particular numbers in Chaldean literature that I know of.

Their concept is the result of a universal intuitive interpretation of certain number combinations. This is essentially, how all metaphysical sciences came into existence and over time were sharpened and improved by devoted practitioners.


What Are Angel Numbers?


Any number consisting of the same digit repeated three or four times, is considered an Angel number. Some examples are 333, 2222, and so forth. Some people also consider numbers that have a certain patern, like 3456, but it appears those are in minority.

Numerology has always recognized the presence and meaning of certain double-digit numbers containing identical digits. These are the Master numbers 11, 22, and 33, and the Power numbers 44, 55, 66. 77, 88, and 99. We also attach a meaning and value to seeing recurring numbers over and over.


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The Earliest Mention Of Angel Numbers


It doesn't appear that they can be credited to anyone in particular. It is simply a recent off-shoot of numerology.

Numerology has seen a huge increase in popularity since the 80's. I remember very well, that if I introduced myself as a numerologist in the seventies, I invariably had to explain what it was. Today, almost everyone knows what we do.

While this is a science that goes back thousands of years, it was more or less lost to us, until about the 1800's - in no small part due to the suppressive power and influence of the Christian religion. (Arabian, Chinese, and Indian variations of numerology, to name a few, actually flourished during most of that time.)


The New Age Movement and the Rising Popularity of Numerology


With the rise of the New Age movement, all Metaphysical sciences, such as astrology, tarot, and psychic reading, gained popularity. This was an organic process due to the fact more and more souls were seeking insight and using their intuitive abilities to make sense of the strangeness of this existence.

Hence, the birth of new insights. Many people view numerology, or the concept of Angel numbers, as a pseudo-science, and to some extend this is true. They are in-exact sciences based on intuitive knowledge and perceived connections between, for example, numbers and personalities.

However, the real essence of these age-old sciences is the search for understanding, not of matter, but of what is hidden; what I like to refer to as the Invisible World.


The Biblical Connection


The Bible mentions several numbers, most famously, the numbers 666 and 144,000. Of course, 666 is an Angel number, but what about 144,000?

The number 144,000 breaks down to 9, by adding the digits 1, 4, and 4. The number 9 signifies completion, the end of an era, a finish line of some sort, and in the Bible's context, that number clearly reflects that.

However, there is another symbolism hidden behind that number - as it represents a totality, something that is complete, and in that context refers to the 12 tribes, and 12 times 12 is 144. So the number 144,000 symbolized the presence and inclusion of every last member of those tribes. This is an example of numbers used as a symbol.


The Hidden Messages In Angel Numbers


Although they are relative newcomers to numerology, I prefer to interpret their meaning using the long-established, but not well-known, diamond method of numerology. Several things stand out immediately, when we apply this technique .

But first, let me explain how the Diamond method works. In the image below, take a look at the first Diamond for Angel number 111

The Hidden Meaning of Angel Numbers



Angel Number Patterns and What They Reveal


The numbers found through deduction, which are placed in the lower part of the diamond, represent negative or challenging influences - they are aptly called Challenge numbers. Notice that with Angel numbers, they are all the same and they are always zeros.

When a zero is found as a Challenge number it points to expanding your perspective, your understanding, your world- or spiritual view. This challenge is central to every multi-digit number consisting of identical digits. You must step out of your comfort zone, free yourself from the limits of your ideas, concepts, and dogmas, and try to view your existence like a new-born.

The numbers found by adding the individual digits and placed in the top half of the diamond, should be interpreted as positive influences with the one in the top of the diamond being the dominating influence.

The most important number - the one that reflects the essential meaning of the number is the one in the red circle. This is the sum of their digits, and this is always a 3, a 6, or a 9. All numbers divisible by 3 are creative, so every Angel number has this in common: You are expected to create, to build, to produce, to make manifest... It is about turning dreams into reality, although in different ways depending on the Angel number.


Numbers on Your Path


Angel numbers do not appear in personal charts. They are found in phone numbers, addresses, a digital clock or a license plate, or in dreams or hallucinations. They are messengers, but they don't always mean the same thing - their message is personal and applies to you. Learn the meaning of numbers then contemplate what the experience of seeing a particular Angel number might mean to you. Below are my interpretations based on numerology-the-old-fashioned-way.


Angel Number Interpretations


These interpretations are based on the age-old diamond method - a technique that can be applied to all multi-digit numbers.

Angel Number 111

The meaning of Angel number 111.

This number points to an increased need for independence and individuality. Move away from conformity, be yourself in the truest way possible. Self-empowerment is the crux of this message.

Two 2's tells you that your approach should be tactful and diplomatic, rather than forceful. Rely on your intuition.

4 in the top is a positive influence to taking control, to getting a handle on your life. This is an Angel number that helps you get more grounded - perhaps a bit of a contradiction.

The 3 as the sum represents a need to express yourself, verbally, to let those around you know who you are and what you want. Work on being less inhibited, less guarded, and more direct in expressing your thoughts and feelings.


Angel Number 222

The meaning of Angel number 222.

This Angel Number calls for a more gentle and loving approach. It is asking you to put your heart first and your mind second. Although the numbers above the 222 are all even numbers, and therefore practical and grounded, their foundation is made of 2s, the gentlest, most sensitive of the single digit numbers.

The 8 in the top represents balance and reward for previous efforts and sacrifice, and because it sits on two 4's, those rewards will be tangible.

The sum of this number is 6, which points to healing and self-sacrifice - you are asked to give your time, love, and energy, generously, and you will find yourself in situations that offer those opportunities. You should grab them; the help you will be providing will be to your benefit as well.


Angel Number 333

The meaning of Angel number 333.

Every number within this diamond is divisible by 3. There are only two other numbers (666 and 999) who have that in common, and they are universally regarded as having special qualities, sometimes life changing.

This number reaches beyond your world, beyond your family, friends, community, and even your country. There is an opportunity for you, to reach out far and wide, and to positively influence many people.

This number bursts at the seams with creativity. Not per se art or music, although that is certainly possible, but it can also be a business venture or starting an organization, whatever it is, it is something new, something inventive. The essence of this message is to think far outside the box.

It is possible that you have been sitting on something for a long time, but have doubts, perhaps about your ability to make it manifest, perhaps about the idea itself. Whatever it is, you need to find the courage and energy to make it happen or walk away from it, and please, don't think of that as failure, think of is as setting yourself free and opening the door to another venture.



Angel Number 444

The meaning of Angel number 444.

444 personifies a contradiction that is also a great analogy to the quest of being human. Let me explain.

It is made up of the most grounded of all single digit numbers, the 4. This is the plodder, the doer; a reliable, trustworthy, and predictable worker ant. It makes sense, therefore, that above it we find two 8's, as the pragmatic 4 and the visionary 8 tend to work well together and are almost always successful - they are an impressive team but anchored into the material world with material goals.

Those two business-savvy, worldly 8's in turn produce a 7, and this is where the contradiction lies. At the top of the diamond is the spiritual, introverted, seeker, the mystic, the highest form of intelligence. This 7 is based on 16 (2 x 8): the Fallen Tower; a Karmic Debt number that tends to break down what we valued, but it also limited our spiritual growth.

Material success as fodder for spiritual growth is the essential message of this number. The 3 as the sum of its digits, tells you little or nothing will be as expected, like a psychedelic experience, it will be full of color and surprises.


Angel Number 555

The meaning of Angel number 555.

Living up to 555 requires courage. For some, the 5 is chaos and quite uncomfortable, it brings a whirlwind of changes and unexpected events. For those among us who are highly adaptable and flexible, it brings dynamic growth and freedom. Darwin said that it is not the strong or the powerful who survive, but those who can adapt to change.

This number represents opportunities but requires the courage to step outside your comfort zone. It is asking you to go on your walk-about - intellectually, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. To leave behind what you consider your security, and to venture into the open. You will be exposed, but you will also experience freedom and expand your horizons.

The symbolism of two 1's above the three 5's is beautiful, as it reflects the independence and the need to rely on yourself, to trust your own power - a requirement for any walk-about.

At the top of the diamond is a the gentle, tactful, sensitive, empathic 2, telling us that when your feel your power and trust your strength, you can afford to be gentle.

The 6 as the sum of this Angel number is another contradiction, because it tells us that your courageous venturing out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, benefits not just you, but also those close to you. It represents a healing and teaching moment for others.


Angel Number 666

The meaning of Angel number 666.

This number links us all together. It represents what binds us, that we are all one; not just as a patriotic statement of "one for all and all for one," but quite literally, that what affects one of us, affects all of us.

It symbolizes humankind as a whole, as essentially one entity. When you encounter 666, the message invariably asks you to put the interests of your family, or your community, or humanity globally, before your own.

All the numbers in this diamond are divisible by 3, which tells us that whatever it is you link this number too requires an out of the box solution. It also asks you to communicate and share with others - your voice is needed. You must be uninhibited and confident that you can move forward, and that your path for the foreseeable future will be unconventional and might not be easily accepted by others.

Essential to this message is empathy, compassion, the understanding that you belong here, and that there are no strangers in your world. You are asked to pay attention to the needs of humankind; climate change, political activism, economical change - any area where you can apply your skills, as long as it's for the good of all.


Angel Number 777

The meaning of Angel number 777.

The number 777 is my personal favorite. The foundation of 777 is all about spiritual growth, the search for meaning, the hunger for knowledge. Not the scholarly kind, and certainly not the religious kind, but the appreciation of the strangeness, the mystery of this existence, and the desire to find clarity. Much of this plays on a deep, subconscious level, like an iceberg, sometimes only the tip reaches our consciousness.

The two 5's that sit on the shoulders of the 7's, represent freedom of thought, a natural rebellion against the expectation that you accept a life in a conventional world. In order to seek, you have to shake of the baggage of dogmas and concepts, if you wish to have any chance of finding what it is you are searching for.

This is the only three-digit Angel number with a 1 in the top and tells us that you must walk this path alone. That doesn't mean you will not encounter others and get their support and learn from them, but it means that your next step should always be yours, not following the guidance of anyone else.

The sum of 7+7+7=21=2+1=3. Your verbal skills are called for in one form or another. You must find ways to express your experiences, to share them, to teach others, but also to learn from others.


Angel Number 888

The meaning of Angel number 888.

The foundation of 8's, the number of balance and personal power is tied to the material, physical world. That is where the 8 rules, that's where it builds its castles and protects its rubies and gold.

However, the 8 in its highest incarnation balances attachment and detachment, the spiritual and the material, but that 8 is a rare find. Just as there are a million seekers and only a few who find their holy grail, there are millions of 8's but not many who are truly detached.

This number's message is about being detached, but not indifferent.

Above them, we find two 7's, both based on the Karmic Debt number 16. This symbolizes the recurring destruction of whatever the 8's built; a tantalizing experience apparently designed to produce maximum frustration and disappointment.

But it is the 5 in the top that shows the promise of this Angel number. It is precisely due to the repetitive experience of success and loss, of building towers only to see them crumble, of reaching for a goal and never really touching it, that in the end, this will set you free.

The 6, the sum of this number, tells us that if you live up to the challenge of this Angel number, many people will benefit.


Angel Number 999

The meaning of Angel number 999.

This number consists only of 9's. The foundation is 999, the first tier of added digits, again 9 and 9, and finally, 9 in the top and 9 as the sum of all the digits.

When you encounter the number 999, you know you have reached a point of completion, of finality. You are at the end of a path and likely facing crossroads. Perhaps several. You may feel physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion, which is usually the case when you reach an endpoint of some kind - not unlike the end of a long day. Although the extend of this exhaustion can vary greatly from one person to another.

This is a time when you are facing choices. Where to go from here. The advice is to take your time. There is no hurry. But your choice will likely include an opportunity to be of service on a large scale, through an institution, perhaps. Take that opportunity. It will lead to rewards - emotional, spiritual, and material.