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Debra and Casey want to know why they see recurring numbers all the time.



Dear Hans,

Hi, please could you tell me what it means if you’re seeing all of the master numbers everywhere all the time? Would appreciate some advice on what this means.


Casey asked a similar question:

Hi, I've never been into numerology or anything but my boyfriend and I have been together for 19 years. My birthday is December 22... his birthday is June 17 ... here's my question: for the past 19 years we both constantly see my birthday number. 1222... On the clock, phone, TV everywhere.. it has to mean something that both of us keep seeing this very same number.

Please help me understand this,



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Hello Deborah and Casey:

Seeing Master numbers – or recurring numbers of any kind - means your subconscious is trying to push a particular message to the surface. What that is depends on the numbers you are seeing, as well as the numbers in your personal numerology chart; it’s different for everyone, but the message is within you, hiding in plain sight so to speak.

In general, seeing the 11 over and over means you are not using your intuition properly, while the 22 is trying to tell you to stop dreaming and start doing. The 33 is not a commonly recurring Master number, but if you see it consistently you have a message to convey to others and should get on with it.

Most recurring numbers, however, tend to be variations, like 611 or 3232, or, as in Casey's case 1222. Deciphering their meaning is more challenging but also more specific to the individual. Seeing Master numbers is fairly common, because they apply to just about every one of us at some point during our lives, but when a number is more intricate, the message is more specific.

Without an in-depth look at the charts of Casey and her boyfriend, I would say the number 1222 points at a discordance between the spiritual/esoteric meaning of marriage (the number 1222 [1+2+2+2] totals to 7), as well as the fear of surrendering independence (the cornerstone of 1222 is 1) in favor or commitment. But without looking at the charts I can't tell to whom this message applies.

Hans Decoz

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