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Dear Hans,
I have the Master number 22 as my Life Path number. I have not read that much on your web site about this Life Path number. Could you please tell me more about this number? My birth date is 1-.... I would appreciate this.

Thank you,

Elizabeth, I hope you don't take offense to this, but you have a 13/4 Life Path number, not a 22. Let me explain how I arrived at this.


There are three ways to calculate your Life Path number. Add all the digits of your date of birth as they appear, in your case (1/14/1951) 1+1+4+1+9+5+1=22, add each unit of your date of birth, 1+14+1951= 1966=22, or reduce each unit of your date of birth to a single digit, then add those together. Only the last method is correct. Here is why.

The Life Path is considered a cycle, the largest cycle of your life as it runs from birth to death. This Life Path cycle in turn is based on three major cycles called Period Cycles.

The first Period Cycle is your month of birth reduced to a single digit, in your case, since you were born in January, a 1.

The second Period Cycle is your day of birth. You were born on the 14th, this reduces to a 5, so your second Period Cycle is a 5.

The third and last Period Cycle is derived from your year of birth and 1951 reduces to 16 which is a 7.

Your Life Path therefore is 1 plus 5 plus 7 = 13, which reduces to 4.

Elizabeth, Master numbers are problematic to say the least. They are difficult to live with, can cause great stress and mental issues, and for many people are more a burden than a benefit. The challenge is that you have to learn to "master" the qualities of that number and very few people do. Suffice it to say that you will find a disproportionate number of Master numbers among the homeless and downtrodden as well as the highly successful, and that charts lacking any Master number are found among amazingly creative, successful, and enlightened people.

The qualities and attributes with which you came into this world and are reflected in your numerology chart can be compared to tools. The fact that someone has a fancy workshop with all the tools you could ever need does not mean that he or she will actually build something fantastic, while having only a shack with a few rusty tools has, in the right hands, created miracles. Only by looking at all the numbers in a numerology chart can we gain some insight as to how well a person is equipped to use the tools with which he or she came into this world. The presence or absence of a Master number by itself means nothing.


Dear Hans,

My name is Donna. I have several numbers that continually follow me!

I have the numbers 12, 123 and 23 show up a lot. The number 23 is on everything! From business addresses and again a lot of addresses as well as I will be driving and drawn to a sign. Anywhere, and I don't look for it. I will be drawn to the clock and the time will have 23 in it OFTEN! If I were less of a spiritual person it would have spooked me! This is a daily occurrence of the number 23?

Thanks so much,

Another lady asked a similar question:

Dear Hans,
Everytime I look at a clock I see the time of 1:23, 11:23, 10:23 but mostly 1:23...what does this mean? Its been happening for the last 3 years on a regular basis and it is starting to freak me out.

Thank you,

The issue of recurring numbers is one of the most frequently asked questions. The basic premise is simple; whenever numbers for one reason or another force themselves into your consciousness, their symbolism is profound and specific to you and your life at that particular time.

The question, of course, is what are they trying to tell you?

In Angela and Donna's case, the independent, masculine 1, the supportive, gentle 2, and the expressive and resourceful 3, show up in different variations, but based on the wording of their questions, for both Donna and Angela, the combination of 2 and 3 (23) seems most prevalent.

As a numerologist, I see the sum of 2 + 3 = 5 therefore to be an integrate part of their symbolic message. In fact, while the influences of the 2 and 3 are certainly present, it is the dynamic, flexible, unpredictable, and freedom-loving 5 that I believe to be the more important messenger, like a higher ranked representative riding on the shoulders of the 2 and the 3 (with the 1 walking alongside). This tells me that the need for space, freedom, and flexibility is sure to be a big part of the message.

More importantly, when a 5 based on 23 appears in your life, it indicates that you are having difficulty to adjust to recently changed circumstances. The changes, no matter what they were, almost always resulted in regaining some form of freedom, whether you consider that fortunate or not, such as divorce, a career change (or loss), a move away from family, and so forth. Due to the addition of the 1, the newfound freedom probably resulted from a change in family circumstances. There also must be some reluctance to take on the required independence and responsibility. After all, when you (re)gain a measure of freedom, it brings with it responsibilities and the necessity to stand on your own feet.

Keep in mind that the reason you are seeing recurring numbers is because you are not moving in the new direction of your own accord. If you did, there would be no need for recurring numbers to appear. The fact that the 5 is the result of adding a 2 and a 3, make me feel that there are still some personality and relationship issues (the domain of the number 2) to be resolved, and that communication and openness (the 3) are the path to settling them.

Like everything else that forces us to ask questions and look at ourselves the ultimate cause is to make the adjustments needed to get back in the "flow." (On a side note, had the 5 been riding the shoulders of 1 and 4 as opposed to a 2 and 3, the issue would have been centered around career and finances, and the most important requirement would have been the need for discipline and control.)

While a numerologist may be able to shed some light on the meaning of recurring numbers, the answer can only be truly determined by the person experiencing them, through self-examination, courage, and honesty.


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