The Numerology of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher


Numerology interprets patterns based on the letters and numbers in a name and date of birth.


Although the math is simple (doing your own numerology is easy), the chart itself can be complex and difficult to interpret.

A Numerology Analysis of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, by numerologist Hans Decoz



The passing of Carrie Fisher on December 27 and Debbie Reynolds the following day, December 28, 2016, feels coincidental and mysterious; a mother and child story that makes us reflect on our own. A friend asked me if I could find anything in their charts that described their relationship, or pointed to the timing of their deaths – besides the real possibility that Carrie’s passing broke her mother’s heart.

Looking at the letters and numbers found in each name, it would be difficult to find two people with charts as contrasting as those of Debbie and Carrie – they were mirror opposites with almost nothing in common. This is particularly noticeable when you look at their proportional numerology charts. (Proportional charts consolidate single digit numbers based on location and influence; a bird’s eye view, so to speak, on an individual’s total makeup.)

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds proportional numerology charts.

Conventional numerology charts, on the other hand, are more detailed and specific, and theirs show several links worth mentioning. Both mother and daughter were in a 9 Essence cycle – a time when everything seems more difficult and harder to overcome. It is also the number of completion and letting go of the past. The 9 Essence is by far the most challenging of all internal cycles. Both were also emotionally vulnerable due to a 2 Final Challenge.

Finally, both went through a previous period that must have required considerable effort and personal power. Debbie’s three years in a 19/1 Essence (age 81-83) suggests that her independence was threatened, which could have drained much of her energy. Carrie experienced a 22 Essence over the past five years (age 54-59). The 22 is a Master number and extremely demanding, both physically and mentally. Carrie almost certainly had an all-consuming dream chasing her since 2010; something she wanted to manifest; a book or a film, or another project. Maybe we will hear from her again.

Over the years I read a bit about their relationship, which Carrie chronicled in interviews and her first novel Postcards from the Edge (later a movie). They were estranged for many years before mending their relationship. Looking at their charts it is easy to see how there must have been conflicts of interest and divergent perceptions. It obviously took deep love and a combined effort for them to reunite, reminding us even sizable differences can be overcome through love, respect, and effort.

Losing someone you love is painful, none more so than a parent losing a child. Love is a beautiful thing, a mystifying, unexplained thing. Like gravity, it keeps us orbiting each other – an invisible connection more powerful than steel cables.

May they be at peace. Together.




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