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Kerri noticed a special number sequence and asks what that means, and if it says anything about her state of mind.



Dear Hans,

I just found a note I wrote to myself a couple of months ago -- a string of numbers that I saw while I was thinking about a potential new business partner. My car has a digital readout with lots of info, and the numbers talk to me from there very often. On this day, at that moment, here is what I saw:
time: 5:27 pm
ave miles/gallon: 22.7
temperature: 57
total mileage: 55720

Running it all together, I saw: 5:27 22.7 57 55720 ...and I wrote it down! What I heard in all of this, simply put, was a catalyst for divine and powerful change. I don't know if I'm asking for a reading here, or just a few words if this series of numbers strikes you in any way as it relates to a new business venture, or if I'm just wanting someone else who listens to numbers to see this and go "Wow! Cool!", but I thought I'd share and see what happens!



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Dear Kerri,

Besides the fact that you have a decent car with barely more than 50K miles on the odometer and considerably better mpg than my pickup, the numbers on your dash do tell a few things about the invisible world of energies and vibrations that surrounds and runs through you. Two things are important, the number sequence itself, and the fact that you noticed it and considered it a possible memo of the universe letting you know that changes are on the horizon.

When the numbers 2, 5, and 7 appear in any combination, the memo relates to dynamic changes taking place in the area of spiritual evolution (truly a work in progress for all of us).

The 5 in this case is the engine of change, throwing things around and generally making a nuisance of itself. The 7 represents your guide on the path to clarity, while the 2 allows you to be sensitive enough to read the signs.

The enemy of complacency and rusty expectations, the 5 turns it all upside-down, thereby offering you an opportunity to pick up the pieces, examine them, and decide whether to keep them or get rid of them.

hose of us who are intellectual and religious hoarders don't do well during such a time. As it is said that "every idea, concept, dogma, and expectation, you might have about your Creator stands between you and your Creator." Or in other words, "it is harder for a rich person to realize heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle" - with rich in this case not pointing to material wealth but the mountain of dogmas and concepts and beliefs many of us lug around like so many suitcases, then try to ram them through the turnstiles at the Pearly Gates.

But back to your personal memo, Kerri, where the implication clearly is to keep your eyes open for the person who will awaken your spiritual hunger and set you off on a search for genuine knowledge, discarding old ideas and believes that weren't really yours to begin with.

It is an exciting message as there is nothing between heaven and earth more satisfying, more illuminating, and worthier, than this lifelong search. It gives meaning to the material world, it is the true purpose of the material world, and it is only in the light of spiritual awakening that the material world makes any sense at all. So good for you, Kerri, getting a divine kick in the behind can only improve the quality of your life.

Hans Decoz



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