Question: the middle name

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Sue wants to know how important the middle name is, and if it must be included to get an accurate reading.


Hi Hans,

What is the correct way to respond to someone who has asked for a numerology reading and has a middle name but doesn't want it included in the reading. Wouldn't that be inaccurate? I thought it had to be a full birth name including middle names? Thank you for help.



Hi Sue,

You are absolutely correct that without the middle name given at birth, the reading would not be accurate.

All the core name numbers would be wrong (the Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality number), as well as the Transits and Essence cycles that are an important part of the Yearly Forecast.

Other numbers that are based on the name, such as the Maturity number and the Balance number, would also be incorrect.

The only part of the numerology reading that would be accurate is the Life Path, Birth Day Number, and all the cycles and Challenges that are based on the date of birth.

You may want to ask the person why they are so adamant about not including their middle name. If it’s just that they don’t like it, I would push them to get past that. But it could be that there is some trauma attached to it, in which case you might want to take a more sensitive approach and tell them that you won’t include the mention of that name in the report, but you still need it in order to create an accurate reading.

Hans Decoz



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