The Meaning of Your third Period Cycle

Third Period Cycle is 1

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 1

The latter part of your life will likely find you in a position of leadership. You act rather than react; you are an instigator, a self-starter. You may move in a new direction during this period.

You will need to be proactive to overcome obstacles. Courage, self-confidence, and perseverance (more than the support of others) will be required to reach your goals.

Many people become less active or involved when they reach their later years; you experience renewed energy and drive.

This is a period of integrating different aspects of who you are, and focusing on your life's dream. The people who are close to you may suggest slowing down, but you are meant to make your greatest advancement later in life.


Third Period Cycle is 2

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 2

The latter part of your life finds you increasingly intuitive, relying more on your heart than on your mind. You become less inhibited, as you gradually lose the fear of showing your true and deeper self.

You are more direct and less hesitant to express your feelings. You rely on your gut feelings more often. "If it feels right, it probably is," could become one of your stronger convictions. You are better at working with people and you become a master in the fine art of persuasion.

Younger people, and others, are drawn to you - especially those who live with difficult circumstances and those who could use your help. You may well discover a talent you have not previously considered, perhaps in the visual arts.


Third Period Cycle is 3

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 3

The latter part of your life finds you "growing older" more slowly than your peers. The excitable, scattered, creative energy of the 3 can resemble an elixir from the fountain of youth. However, there is a tendency to waste time and energy on unproductive projects.

You have many original ideas, but you may have difficultly differentiating between lead balloons and those that can fly. Your 3 energy is uplifting and motivating, which draws people to you. However, staying focused may be a challenge, which could affect your ability to reach your goal.

Your need to express yourself through art, especially the verbal or performing arts increases with age.


Third Period Cycle is 4

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 4

Chances are you are as busy as ever in the latter period of your life. Whether it is because you continue to work or become involved in a project by choice, you continue to move forward, finding reward through your efforts.

During this time, you build an even stronger foundation in many areas of your life. Your home, family, and finances remain important but your inner/spiritual and emotional life develops as well.

You become increasingly concerned with moral issues and matters of justice. You may be drawn to volunteer, perhaps for a non-profit relating to injustice and inequality.


Third Period Cycle is 5

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 5

The latter period of your life finds you continuing to move through changing circumstances. There is an inherent restlessness associated with a 5 Period Cycle — one of the few cycles that encourages a more impulsive response to situations you encounter.

You are drawn to travel, new people, and different cultures. This is a dynamic, somewhat chaotic cycle, where not much happens according to plan.

You do best when you are social, physically active, and involved — giving your heart and mind the experiences they crave.

During this period, you have a flair for successfully promoting yourself. You are drawn to all that is progressive and farsighted. This is a time to be quick and flexible, and to grasp opportunities as they come.


Third Period Cycle is 6

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 6

The latter part of your life finds you primarily focused on family matters. It is likely you will continue to care for others well into your sixties (or longer), which will provide great satisfaction.

You may be more involved in the arts through volunteering or teaching and engaged in community affairs or local politics. Artistic talents you possess are enhanced, and you find opportunities to express them.

This is a cycle of stability in relationships (although not necessarily romantic relationships). Partnerships or family-run businesses have a significant chance for success.


Third Period Cycle is 7

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 7

A 7 Period Cycle, especially in your later years, centers on wisdom and contentment. This is a time of spiritual/internal and intellectual growth, of discovering the beauty and harmony that underlie creation.

However, it is often one of the most difficult last cycles, due in large part to society's lack of appreciation for the intangible qualities of this number.

Socially, you may feel distant and isolated. Interacting with similarly minded people through book clubs, art events, theater sponsorships, or other intellectually and spiritually stimulating activities can help you feel more connected.

Although this is the latter part of your life, it may well be your most exciting time of discovery and personal growth.


Third Period Cycle is 8

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 8

As you approach the time of life when most people prefer to slow down, you continue to see opportunities and are excited about their potential. Retiring is not likely under this Period Cycle.

There is promise in the air, financially as well as in personal relationships. You gain respect and admiration, and others look to you for guidance and support. Your personal power and authority increase but you use them with consideration for others.

You possess enhanced abilities as a manager, organizer, or financial planner. Your ability to see the broad picture and execute bold plans grows with age. However, this period can be somewhat of a roller-coaster ride with a possibly of unexpected losses - the lesson of detachment is also the domain of the 8.

Your key to success lies in understanding the limits of material wealth.


Third Period Cycle is 9

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 9

The latter part of your life finds you increasingly idealistic and concerned with the betterment of humankind. You become more broadminded and reach out to people from all walks of life.

You offer your time and resources to causes you believe in.

Your interests are increasingly directed toward other cultures and societies. Your sense of justice and your interest in political and humanitarian issues becomes more finely tuned. Whereas most people "mellow out" with age, you find yourself becoming more passionate.

Your creativity increases during the later part of your life, with a focus on design and large-scale projects. You may be inspired to study design, engineering, or architecture.


Third Period Cycle is 11

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 11

The latter part of your life finds you increasingly intuitive and relying more on your emotions. You become less inhibited as you gradually lose the fear of sharing your true, deeper self. You are more direct and less hesitant to express your feelings. You are better at working with people, and you become a master in the fine art of persuasion.

Others are drawn to you, especially young people and those who live in difficult circumstances and need help. You likely discover a talent you hadn't previously been aware of, perhaps in the visual arts.


Third Period Cycle is 22

If Your Third Period Cycle is a 22

This cycle carries enormous potential for establishing a lasting institution or teaching that will greatly benefit others. You have the ability to manifest a concept, dream, or invention. Your talents as a builder, organizer, and visionary are at their peak.

You discern the needs of others and create constructive and practical plans to fulfill those needs. You commit yourself entirely to the work at hand.

For many, this dream lasts a lifetime and requires every ounce of energy and talent. An all-consuming role beckons but provides a great sense of personal accomplishment and reward. You possess an ability to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of humanity.


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