The numerology meaning of recurring and repeating numbers
What is Numerology; with numerologist Hans Decoz

Do you ever notice that a certain number or number pattern appears repeatedly in your life?

For example, you realize that your address, birth date and other personal numbers all contain the number 22.

It is common for people to see 11.11 on their phone or clock regularly, or 1111 as a house number.

Do you see recurring numbers like 444 or 777 everywhere? Or perhaps they are four-digit numbers like 1111 or 2222. These are called Angel numbers.

Do you see repeating numbers that seem arbitrary, like 683 or 124?


Any time you notice repeating numbers in your life, you should contemplate their possible meaning.

Because there is always a reason, even if you don't see it right away.

Numerology views a recurring number like a cosmic signal. It's the universe's way of directing your attention to a pressing matter or theme in your life that you may be missing, forcing you to pay attention to the issue at hand.

And while Numerology may be able to shed some light on the meaning of repeating numbers, the answer can only be truly determined by the person experiencing them, through self-examination, courage, and honesty.


People have asked related questions about repeating and recurring numbers, special number sequences, or just simply seeing the same numbers without any particularly interesting combinations.


Repeating Numbers and Their Meaning




Repeating 11 (11.11 or 1111, or just 11): Read between the lines

The Master number 11 represents intuition and awareness, as well as wisdom you possess that's not being properly tapped into. Simply put you have an inner knowledge you're not paying attention to.

This could mean you're making bad decisions based on what you think you know, while deep down your gut is screaming at you to take a different path.

If you've just started a relationship, this message could be to slow down and be careful. It could also mean there is a red flag you're ignoring. It doesn't mean you're dating the wrong person or that your new sweetheart is cheating on you -- just that there is something you need to be aware of before you grow closer to this person.

The two most obvious meanings of this number as it applies to relationships are these: one, you are ignoring a huge deal-breaker and need to end things, or two, for the relationship to be a successful one, you need to tread lightly. It may also require greater understanding of your new partner's situation or background.


Repeating 16 (16.16 or just 16): Reassess your life

16 is the number of danger, it's a Karmic Debt number! Your view of yourself and your situation clashes with reality -- this could be related to finances or emotional relationships.

You're in for disappointment if you continue in the same direction. Prepare to get brutally honest with yourself about who you are. Take some time to be quiet and contemplate, you need to do some self-analysis, but also be sure and ask those close to you for their input.

Be honest about your doubt and fears and be prepared to listen.


Repeating number 22 (22.22, 2222, or just 22): Walk on through!

22 is a master number that taps into your productive side -- a part of your personality related to your job or responsibilities.

When you notice the 22 repeatedly, you may be ignoring big opportunities. An open door can be scary but that's no reason not to walk through! Or perhaps you are taking advantage of opportunities but with way too much fear and hesitation - you are not confident enough to make those opportunities materialize.  

The lesson here is to put in the effort and make sure you're doing everything you can for yourself and your future. When you are focused on success, it seeps into every facet of your life.

The 22 is there to remind us of what a huge impact our professional lives have on our personal ones. Luckily, these numbers are telling you something else, too: you have it in you to excel - you just need to get on the path and start pursuing your goals.


Repeating 33 (33.33 or 3333): Give it all you've got!

The Master number 33 tells you that you have a natural gift to give to the world; your challenge is to put it out there. This could be something you are probably aware off, an artistic talent, or the art of healing, or teaching spiritual exercises.

If you keep seeing these numbers, the message is that you cannot be happy until you impart your gift to the world. Ignoring a creative urge will only lead to frustration and ultimately anger.

Find out a practical way to share your talents -- then do it!


Repeating 44 (44.44 or 4444): Find Solid Ground!

You are at a point in your life when you might loose proper perspective or keep your feet on the ground.

Look at your endeavors and goals, and ask yourself if there is anything you know deep down is a pipe dream. The 44 in any variation of repeating numbers tells you something or some expectation is simply not realistic.


See 911 repeatedly

This is, as you may have guessed, often due to a subconscious connection between 911 and danger. Contemplate if there is any unreasonable fear holding you back from something you want to do.

There are other connections to 911 that mock our understanding of what is coincidence, and what are predictable patterns.


Repeating numbers that appear arbitrary and are less common.

Some people see repeating numbers that appear arbitrary, or do not have an easily recognized pattern. Such 127, or 3938. When this is the case, the question of its meaning is more personal and unique.

Fortunately, there are ways to find their meaning.




You live in a world of symbols. Literally. Words, letters, numbers, logos - symbols are everywhere, and they all have meaning. Whenever you feel that a symbol, or combination of symbols, is trying to tell you something, it probably is. So here is a tip: Nothing will help you improve the quality of your life and your experiences more than regular self-analysis and contemplation, because understanding yourself is your greatest asset.


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