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Dear Hans,

I was calculating my numerology Essence chart and noticed that the number 2 dominates for quite awhile from 28+ years of age. I remember going through my 2 personal year about two years ago. Since then, I have positive and negative emotions about the number 2. What might occur during the years approaching? Does the personal year have more of an effect? What would you recommend/caution against, if anything?

Thanks for your time,
Cathy L.


Dear Cathy,

Cathy's numerology chart showing extended Essence cyclesI included your chart with an outline showing the section that is in place for this year. (By the way, you can download our World Numerology App and make these yourself; both the app and the built-in Decoz Charting system are free.) The vertical column above the highlighted 10 shows the long- and short-term cycles in place for 2010. (The reason there is a slight shift between the upper rows and the three lower rows indicates that the cycles in the upper section run from birthday to birthday, while the lower section cycles run from January 1 through December 31.

You mention in your letter that you are concerned about the 2, because you experienced a 2 Personal Year a couple of years back (2008) and obviously, you have unpleasant memories. However, The effect of a Personal Year cycle is very different from that of an Essence or Transit cycle.

The Personal Year's influence is external, meaning that the affect is largely a result of changing circumstances and your environment, and the challenges and opportunities that offers. Not all that dissimilar from being in a class room where your teacher and other students control the external influences.

The impact of the Essence cycle is internal. In other words, it reveals where you are at, your state of mind, your priorities, your personal wants and dreams and, of course, your doubts and fears. Think of your Essence cycle as giving an indication what stage in your personal evolution you are in, i.e. the student's state of mind in the aforementioned class room. So, while you may have experienced a difficult 2 Personal Year, probably due to relationship issues, excessive sensitivity, and emotional imbalance (sometimes resulting in health problems related to the nervous system), a 2 Essence cycle will feel very different as it enhances your awareness, sharpens your intuition, increases your ability to read other people, and improves your overall people skills.

A 2 Essence indicates that you gain a better understanding of who you are in relation to those around you. While the 2 is a gentle and non-confrontational number, when found as an Essence cycle its influence actually makes you stronger and more confident. The only period that will cause issues similar to what you experienced two years ago, and perhaps even more intense, is the early part of 2017 when you have a 2 duality; a 2 Essence and a 2 Personal Year. On the plus side, you will be better equipped to deal with it due to the six years of 2 Essence "training" prior to that.

By the way, the most transformative time in your life will be from late 2015 to late 2016 when, for the first time in your life, you change both long-term cycles; Pinnacles and Period Cycles. In your case that includes a lasting relationship commitment, a fairly dramatic personality change making you much more out-going and socially proficient, and a boost in creativity enough to possibly cause a career change.


Dear Hans,

I am getting married on May 21.

After my fiance and I chose the date, I read online it was a prophesized doomsday or something. My fiance thinks I am being silly and said he doesn't want to change the date. What do you think?

Thank you for your time, I hope you can answer my question.

Hello Ashley,

I checked some articles regarding this date and it appears they all lead to one Christian Radio talk show host in Oakland, CA. The date is supposed to be "the end of the world." Compare that to well over a thousand dates previously established to be "the end of the world," dates that have come and gone with nary a hick-up, and I suggest we all simply ignore it and move on with our lives as, I guarantee, after some kind of excuse and justification this talk show host will do as well on the day after doomsday.

I did prepare charts based on you and your fiancée's dates of birth, as well as the Universal cycles for May 21 to see how they compare and what you can expect on and around your planned wedding day.

The Universal cycles for that day are a 4 Year, 9 Month, and 3 Day. Your personal chart shows that it is a 9 Year, 5 Month, 8 Day, with and 9 Essence for you, and a 7 Year, 3 Month, 6 Day, with 11/2 Essence for your fiancée. Your fiancée will undoubtedly be the one most in tune for the event as a 6 Day is about as harmonious as it gets whenever family, loyalty, commitment, and love are the main ingredients.

You, on the other hand, will be more in control and balanced, which probably surprises you. As for the Universal cycles, they are neither particularly supportive nor discordant for a wedding. The global affect of the Universal cycles on each individual is minimal but if anything this day enhances communication, optimism, and a sunny disposition. There is nothing in that date suggesting a doomsday.

What does stand out as far as your personal cycles, Ashley, is that you are entering perhaps the most important time of your life. The changes in your personality, your outlook on life, and your priorities and expectations, will be significant. It is a time of transformation that will be completed around the middle of next year, and the changes are dramatic and permanent. You and your fiancée are both strong-willed as you both have a 1 Life Path. However, what makes the 1 even more dominant in your chart is that you also have been in a 1 long-term cycle since birth. This changes into a 5 cycle over the next several months which stays in place for the next 27 years. It will make you less anxious, less competitive, less controlled, less stubborn, and more adventurous, social, unconventional, and adaptable. Your energy changes from linear, goal-oriented, and focused, to dynamic, scattered, and lively. You "loosen up" quite a bit.

There is nothing wrong with the date you picked for your wedding day, Ashley, and the world will be just fine long after that day has come and gone. However, you should be aware that you, more than your fiancée, go through major changes over the next 6 to 10 months. As luck will have it, your future husband is in a personal cycle that helps him to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances, which will help.

Even more fortunate in light of your transformation is the fact that around your wedding day he will enter an 11 Essence; intuitive, finely tuned, sympathetic, and very perceptive, you may end up leaning on him as your guide and advisor.


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