Numerology applied to language, reveals the deeper meaning of words

Analyzing commonly used words greatly helps you to learn the deeper meaning of numbers

If you were to encounter an extraterrestrial being, it would be unlikely that the two of you would have any other form of communication other than the language of numbers.

Language and Numerology; the recognition that language and numbers evolve in perfect synchronicity

The shape of the numbers might not be useful, but if the two of you sat down with a pocketful of pebbles, you'd be able to demonstrate a certain amount of intelligence, and even to share information. The point is that numbers are a universal means of understanding and communication. Numbers transcend the limits of our world.

On one hand, numbers are free of subjective realities, such as emotions and personal preferences. In their purest sense, numbers possess objectivity, which is why they are the language of science. They are the most reliable means of communicating abstract ideas, and of quantifying physical realities. On the other hand, numbers can also be used to reveal the "soul" of words.

Words evolve with an underlying feeling for the objects they describe. Each word has specific definition, as well as a connecting emotional and spiritual feeling. Numerology can be used to reveal that underlying feeling or spirit.


Using numerology, let's analyze the following English-language nouns and verbs :

Let's begin with the word love. When you do the numerology on love, you find that the Expression number is a 9, suggesting the humanitarian and universal nature of love. It's generous, giving, self-sacrificing, and concerned for others. It is a stranger to prejudice. It's the great healer and teacher. It gives of itself unconditionally.
The Heart's Desire number of the word love is 11, which reveals its sensitivity, intuitive nature, need for harmony, and connection with the highest power. The 11 is called the Channel, or the Illuminator.
Love's 7 Personality number indicates the need for careful self-reflection and the implicit wisdom inherent in love.

Now, let's look at love's opposite: hate. Hate's Expression number is 16/7, a Karmic Debt number, indicating a self-destructive nature. (See Karmic Debt Numbers.)

The 16/7 reveals its isolation. The reason it is isolated is because it is cold, clinical, and self-contained. It is highly mental, and, as a result, it is often lacking in compassion for matters of the heart. The 6 Heart's Desire in the word hate reveals its powerful emotional connection to the subject of its hatred. The dark side of the 6 is its need to control. It cannot let go. It smothers the object of its hatred with excessive attention. Hate's Personality number is 1, suggesting the negative attributes of the 1: bullishness and insensitivity; and its inability to share itself with others, thus creating aloneness and loneliness. The stubborn side of the 1 prevents it from being receptive to the positive attributes of the hated person.

Now, compare the words light and dark and see how they reveal our association with each word, especially in their relationship to love and hate. The core numbers for the word light are very similar to those of love. Light has an 11 Expression number, a 9 Heart's Desire, and a 2 Personality. (As stated previously, love has an 11 Heart's Desire, a 9 Expression, and a 7 Personality.) The 11 stands for illumination and insight. It exposes the true nature of whatever it touches. The 9 Heart's Desire obviously indicates its need to reach the farthest concerns. It is available to all; it is an indiscriminate gift to everyone and everything. The 2 Personality reveals its inherent gentleness.

The word dark has a 16/7 Expression, a 1 Heart's Desire, and a 6 Personality. It's only difference with the word hate is that the Heart's Desire and Personality numbers have switched places. (Note that although the words dark and hate have only one letter in common, they have the same core numbers.)
Again, the core numbers represent self-destruction, isolation, and loneliness. The 6 Personality number suggests the illusion of protection offered by darkness.

Let's look at the words for our animal friends, dog and cat, which, as we all know, have very different natures.
Dog has an 8 Expression, suggesting its innate power and ability to protect; a 6 Heart's Desire, revealing its desire for a domestic environment and for love and attention; and a Personality number of 11, showing its sensitivity and intuitiveness to the mood of the owner.

A cat, on the other hand, has a 6 Expression, revealing its domestic nature, but a 1 Heart's Desire, which shows its independence and often stubborn character. It has a 5 Personality, which reinforces the independence and the need for freedom. You cannot control a cat.

Interestingly, both the dog and the cat have 6s in their core numbers, but the dog has a 6 Heart's Desire - the desire for love, attention, and domestic harmony -- while a cat, with a 6 Expression, is perfectly suited of the domestic environment, but its 1 Heart's Desire gives it a need for independence. A cat, by nature, is not obedient; a dog is.

Keeping the domestic theme, let's look at two words that go directly to our basic needs: food and roof. Each word has three 6s! The 6 stands for all that is protective, comforting, mothering, domestic and nurturing. In addition, food has a 22 Expression, indicating its link to the very foundation of life: the transformation of matter to energy (metabolism), and its opposite, energy to matter (the growth of organisms). As you know, numerology calls the number 22 the Master Builder, and here it is demonstrated at its finest. Roof has a 9 Expression coupled with a 6 Personality, revealing its clear purpose of protecting the domestic environment.

Let's look at the words river and tree. River has a Heart's Desire of 5, meaning movement, freedom, dynamism, and change. Its Personality number is 22, revealing that it is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It slices through obstacles. The 9 Expression means that it gives of itself for the well-being of all. Tree provides a wonderful array of numbers, beginning with its 1 Heart's Desire, suggesting its independence and its strong will to survive. A tree's upright form itself suggests the 1. Its Personality number is 11, showing its spiritual nature: its reaching up toward heaven and its inspirational influence to all. Its 3 Expression symbolizes the ability to communicate both its spiritual power and beauty.

Finally, let's examine the world work. Work has a 22 Expression, showing that it is the means for bringing the ideal into the material world, again apropos of the Master Builder. It also reflects its potential power: We build our lives and gain our rewards from our work. Work has a 16/7 Personality. The 7 reveals its concentration, focus, and search for perfection. The 16 Karmic Debt shows that work can become self-destructive if it allowed to be your master, or the only thing that motivates your life. This is the workaholic, whose obsessive nature destroys all of life's other rewards.

One of the best ways to learn numerology is simply by practicing on common words, names of cities and states, and, of course, people. The following list of words offers excellent exercises in the art of numerology.

SUN is the "happy go lucky" 3, which is located smack in the middle of the word, and is also the Heart's Desire. It has a 6 Personality and a 9 Expression. Could this possibly be a coincidence/

LAKE has an 11 Expression, suggesting the connection between the subconscious and the conscious; a 6 Heart's Desire, pointing to stability; and a 5 Personality, suggesting a movement. Compare SEA with LAKE!

FLOWER has an 11 Heart's Desire, a 6 Cornerstone, a 7 Expression, and a 5 Personality, as opposed to PLANT, which has a 1 Heart's Desire, an 8 Personality, and a 9 Expression.

Or try these: man, woman, tool, hammer, car, box, war, needle, wool, baby, friend, sister, and brother.
Animal names also offer great opportunities. First do tiger, lion, wolf, fox (check out FOX while you're at it), bear, eagle, and shark. Then do lamb, sheep, dove, dolphin, and whale.

Are we having fun yet? (Try the word fun and compare it with sun!)

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