Numerology: Your Subconscious Self Number



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Your Subconscious Self is based on how many numbers are represented in your name, and indicates your ability to make the most of your talents and opportunities, especially when you face new, challenging, or even dangerous circumstances.





Your Subconscious Self Number is 3

You respond to emergencies by looking for support from friends and family. However, life will force you to confront these occurrences until your learn to use your own power. You will search early in life for a lover and partner to depend on. You may marry an older person who can offer you some security and protection. You have to guard against extreme depressions and control your tendency to blow emotional experiences out of proportion. You have ......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 4

You may have a tendency to lose yourself in trivial details, causing confusion and indecisiveness, and even paralyzing your ability to react quickly and forcefully. You have to learn to trust your instincts and to act quickly. Hesitation and procrastination have to be avoided. You need a solid foundation in your life. You need......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 5

You tend to scatter your energies far and wide, making it difficult for you to complete projects and tasks. You need discipline and organization in your life. You have a strong urge to escape difficulties by forcing change, instead of trying to work out the problem. You learn quickly, however......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 6

You like to help others, sometimes to the extent that you do not pay enough attention to your own needs. You are primarily concerned with your home and your family. Everything else comes second. You radiate love and genuine concern for others. During times of distress you......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 7

You can appear indifferent to your surroundings and somewhat aloof. You are well-balanced and can survive many a stormy time. In time of trial, you withdraw within yourself finding solace and answers, in your ......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 8

You handle unexpected situations in an efficient manner and often manage to get the best out of it. You learn quickly and usually do not repeat the same mistakes. You want to be rewarded for your efforts and relate your success to the material aspects. You are dependable and solid in almost any kind of situation. You do not panic or scare easily. You have a business-like attitude to problems and realize quickly what needs to be done. You have ......

Your Subconscious Self Number is 9

You are somewhat impersonal and may be difficult to get to know. You are not demonstrative of your affections, though you often have deep feelings and great compassion. You are competent and controlled in any......


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