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This page covers the Decoz Numerology Master program.


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Decoz Numerology Software Master Program splash page

If you lost the software or your activation code for the Decoz Numerology Master Program:

  1. Download the program
    Download the Numerology Master program Locate the file after download and double-click to install. Follow directions.

  2. After installation open the program and make a note of the license number located in the top right of the opening page.

  3. Send an email to

  4. Include the license number and the name under which the software was purchased.

If you purchased your program between 1987 and December 31, 2014, the charge for replacing and upgrading is $39. If you purchased after December 31, 2014, there is no charge.

Wrong activation code for my numerology software

If the activation code we sent you does not work, it means we have a different license number on file than the one assigned to you during installation. The license number assigned to you was created with the first letter of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and your date of birth. If it appears incorrectly in our data base, the activation code will not work. To correct this, send an email to that includes your full name at birth, your date of birth, and the license number shown in the opening page of your software, and we will reply with the correct activation code


Missing text archive error message

Most often, this is caused by renaming, moving, or altering files inside of your C:\Decoz folder, or because the software was moved to a different hard drive, or copied to a new computer without going through the setup routine (using the setup file), or the file became corrupted. To solve this issue, remove and replace the software

Getting a "No license has been issued" error message

Most often, this is the result of having more than one Decoz Numerology master program open on your desktop. Try closing all programs, and then open the Decoz program only once


Create numerology reports and charts

For detailed instructions, view the extensive Decoz Software Help manual which takes you through each step from setting up to creating reports. NOTE: Windows 10 doesn't support the built-in help file. You will find all the information here.


Locating reports you have already done

Clicking the Reports command in the program's top menu bar opens a window revealing an alphabetical list of every report you have made. You can also find the Reports folder on your hard drive at C:\Decoz\Reports

I get a "can't open .rtf file" when I try to open a report

The program is accessing your word processor but it can't find it, or your word processor will not open .rtf (Rich Text Format) files. Since .rtf is one of the most common text file extensions, the problem is most likely that the Decoz Master program cannot find your word processor. You can establish a path to your preferred word processor by opening your Preferences dialog box, then clicking on the Word Processor button

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