When you open the Numerology Master program:

The opening screen is the Front Page Interface. Along the top of the Front Page, is the menu bar where you will find the following menu options:

Decoz Numerology Master program - opening page with license

File >

Open Birth Data List: Opens a dialog box where you can view the birth dataof those you have done readings for in the past
Save Birth Data: Save the birth data of the last person entered into theBirth Data dialog box.
Preferences: Allows you to access your personal preference settings (this command can be accessed via the File menu, or directly from the menu bar)
Exit: Closes the program

Check: Brings up a pop-up box with the name and birth data currently being used

Options >

Topics: Brings up the topic selection dialog box
Font: Brings up a font selection dialog box
View/Print Direct: Sets Viewer to Direct mode
View/Print via WordPad: Sets Viewer to WordPad mode and produces the reading in Wordpad or your default word processor

Reports: Opens your Readings folder, showing all reading files made

Help >

Contents: Displays Help information
About: Displays license and other particulars identifying your current software

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