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The Decoz Numerology software for professionals includes personal profiles, future forecasts, and relationship reports.


Decoz Numerology Master Program - version 8.0


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Decoz Numerology Master Program

for PC/Windows

Numerology software by Decoz, allows to make multiple numerology readings and charts

Decoz is the Leading Numerology Software Developer Since 1987


Our Numerology Master Program Generates the Most Extensive, In-depth Numerology Readings Available.

A suite of software components that puts the knowledge and insight of an expert Numerologist into your hands.

Windows PC only. Get a free trial version - see below.
(Mac owners - check out our online program here...)

See a review by Hank Friedman for Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Decoz Professional Numerology Software is Modular...

The following components are part of the Decoz Professional Numerology software

The Preferences dialog box (learn more...)

Decoz Numerology Software Master Program Preferences dialog box

Decoz Numerology Software is Easy to Use


Decoz Professional Numerology Software is Customizable ...

Create Numerology readings the way you want

  • Customizable Formatting -- Easily change font styles and reading layouts.
  • Tri-Lingual Readings -- Produce readings in English, Spanish or Portuguese ... and switch between them!
  • Non-English Characters -- Enter names using nearly any western character, not just the 26 characters of the English alphabet.
  • Control -- Get complete control over your reports' appearance
  • Faqs and Support -- A Faqs and Help section can be found here


See a review by Hank Friedman for Mountain Astrologer magazine

The Topics dialog box (learn more...)

Decoz topics dialog button for professional numerology software

Decoz Numerology Readings and Forecasts are considerably more in-depth and extensive than those of our nearest competitor and is uncompromising in its quality.

Compare Hans Decoz and Matthew Goodwin

Take A Look at our user-friendly dialog boxes

Numerology ChartMaker program color version FREE with purchase of all three packages.

Selecting Cycles and duration (learn more...)

Decoz Numerology Software Master Program Topics Selection Dialog box


Make and sell the most complete and in-depth numerology readings available

  • Personality Profiles and Forecasts: $349
  • Relationship Profiles and Forecasts: $129
  • Both $428 ($79 savings)

  • Diamond Report: $99
  • Name Advisor: $79
  • Lucky Numbers: $79

All programs: $585 ($150 savings also includes Color ChartMaker and Numbers Around You)

Download a trial version - includes mini-readings, one full report, and anything else you need to test-drive this software.

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You may also want to consider our online software: A one-time $89 signup cost and a small fee per report. Learn more here...


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