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How to create a numerology report.

All programs pretty much work in the same way.
When you select any of the programs that have been activated in your Numerology Master Program, or if you click New in the menu bar of your Numerology Master Program interface, an Edit Data dialog box appears to enter the name(s) and date(s) of birth involved. Most programs then offer access to other dialog boxes where you can select Topics, Cycles, Save and Recall birth data, and other relevant options.

Depending on the kind of reading you want to make, you can select different programs with slightly different sets of features and options, based on whatever is required to create the report. See also, "What Each Program does".

Start the Master Program interface, and select the program you want to use. Of course, only the programs that are activated (i.e. you purchased) will work.

Usually, when you click any of the programs on your Master Program interface that are activated, an Edit Data dialog box appears. If this box does not appear, click New on the menu bar.

  1. An Edit Birth Data dialog box appears. Enter the individual's full name at birth, date of birth, and the name he or she now uses to introduce him or herself. (See your Help file if you have doubts or questions about which names to use).

  2. Click Topics to select the depth and detail you want the reading to contain. This affects the length of the report. Click OK. (If you select all topics, and a lot of years and months for the cycles, your reading may become bigger than your computer's memory can handle. If you get an error message stating something like "buffer overflow," see "How to make a very large report".)

  3. If you included cycles in your Topics selection, another dialog box will appear to let you set the duration of the cycles. You can accept the defaults, or change any time period to suit your preference. You can go backwards in time as well as forward. (Maybe you would be interested what kind of cycles your grandfather was experiencing during a particularly important time in his life?)

  4. Click OK. The reading will appear on your screen. (In DecozProPlus, you have several additional options. For more about these options, see Yellow Screen Interface, or see "How to Create a reading and attach it to an email".


For a relationship compatibility reading for two people, select DecozComp or DecozCompPro.

  1. The next steps are similar to the descriptions above, except that this time you are making a reading for two people. See also Data Input, Topics, and Cycles.

  2. To select or analyze a name for a child, a business, a product, an event, or to choose a telephone number, or to analyze any name, number, or text string, select the NameAdvisor or NameAdvisorPro.

  3. The Edit Data dialog box appears. You have 8 text boxes.

  4. Enter the name, number, or text string you want to analyze. Let's say you are starting a new business, or someone you know is expecting a child, and you are trying to choose among several names. You would enter each of these names in a separate text box. For example, you might put "Donna's Flower Shop" in one box, "Flowers by Donna," in the next, and "Flower Arrangements by Donna" in the third box.

  5. Click OK. A reading appears describing the effect and influence of each of these names. Even rating them based on a star system.


To create a reading showing an individual's favorable numbers for a particular day, month, or year, use Lucky Numbers or LuckyPro.

  1. The Edit Birth Data dialog box that appears is similar to the other reading writer programs and lets you enter the full name at birth, the date of birth, and the current name of the individual.

  2. Click Cycles to select how many years, months, and days you want included. Click OK.

  3. You are back at the Edit Birth Data dialog box. Click OK, and the reading appears on your screen.


Create a numerology reading and attach it to an email.

1. Start the Master program interface, and activate the numerology program you wish to use by clicking the appropriate button on your Numerology Master Program interface.
2. Check to make sure that you are in the "View in Wordpad" mode, by clicking Options on the menu bar.
3. If the Edit Birth data dialog box does not pop up, click New in the menu bar.

4. Type in the individual's birth data.
5. Click on Topics to select which topics and cycles you want to include. Click OK.
6. You are back at the Edit Birth Data dialog box. Click OK to generate the report.
7. If you included cycles in the report, the Time Ranges dialog box will appear, and allow you to set the exact duration of the cycles you included. Set your selection, and then click OK.
8. The reading now appears on your screen in Wordpad. At this point, as with any wordpad file, you can make any changes you wish to make to the report. Although, the reading is automatically saved to a folder on your hard drive (this folder is named Readings and can be found inside your Decoz folder which contains all the files pertinent to your Decoz numerology software. Default path \Decoz\Reports), in basic .rtf format, you may choose to save it in a different format by using the Save As command under the File menu of Wordpad. Rich Text Format is a good choice, because this format can be opened in pretty much any word processor your client may be using.

9. After saving the reading in the format you selected, you are ready to attach it to an email.
10. Start your email program (there are many different email programs with different methods) prepare the email message to the client, then attach the reading using the method required by your email handler.


How to make a very large numerology reading (80 pages and up).

Please read the "How to make a report" section first.
If you want to make a large report, for example a complete personality profile with a future forecast that includes nine years in detail and two years day-by-day (total number of pages for such a reading is around 130 to 150 pages), your computer will probably give you an error message if you try to do this all at once. However, you can easily do this in two stages.

1. First, set Options to "View in Wordpad," enter the person's name and birth date, click Topics and select All, except for the Personal Months. Set the duration of the cycles to be included, and click OK. Leave the reading on your screen in Wordpad.
2. Go back to your Master program, and click New in the menu bar. The Edit Birth Data dialog box will appear with the person's names and date of birth already entered. Go to Topics, and select No Topics, and then toggle only Personal Months on.

3. Select the duration of this cycle and generate the report. When it appears on your screen in Wordpad, select the whole text and copy and paste it to the end of the first reading still visible on your desktop as a Wordpad file. That's it.


How to create, print, and email a color numerology chart.

For a single page, full-color numerology chart, click ColorChartMaker.

1. The familiar Edit Birth Data dialog box appears. Enter the data for the individual. Select the year you want the Personal Year cycle to start (default is the current year). Select the age at which you want the cycles to start - this should be an age, such as 25, or 40, or 0 if you want to start from birth. Not a year like 1987.
2. Click OK, and the color chart appears on the screen. Click Print if you want to print the chart. (If the chart will not print, you may have to go to Options on the menu bar, and set the resolution to Low. Redo the chart. See more about this in "Printing your charts".)

3. You can also click Bmap, and the chart will be automatically saved as a Bitmap file.
4. To email the chart to a client, attach the Bitmap file to an email. If you have a graphic program and you are familiar with the procedure, you can compress the file size considerably by transforming this Bitmap file to gif or jpeg format.


How to Save and Recall birth data

All programs work the same way as far as saving and recalling birth data is considered. Note: The save and recall birth data buttons only save the individual's birth data, not the actual report. See "how to save and recall reports" (pro versions only).

1. To save an individual's birth data, click Save after entering the names and date of birth on the Edit Birth Data dialog box. If you have "Always Save BirthData" selected in your Preferences dialog box, the birth data is already saved - no need to click Save.
2. You can recall this birth data by clicking Recall on the Edit Birth Data dialog box. The appropriate slots will be filled with the birth data of the individual you selected from the list. You can access this birth data from any of the programs in the Numerology Master Program interface. Meaning that if you save a person's data when you used the Personal Profiles & Forecasts, for example, you will be able to recall it with the Relationship program or any other program.


How to Save and Recall numerology reports.

Reports can be saved only with Options set to "View in Wordpad."
As soon as a reading shows on your screen in the Wordpad window, it has already been saved automatically to a folder named Reports, which can be found in your C:\Decoz folder.
The reading has been saved using the following naming protocol:


How to change (customize) the Title page (pro versions only).

To show your name, or your business name, on the title page as the person (or business) who produced the report, go to File>Preferences, and type your name in the designated text box. This will cause every reading you generate to show "by <your name>" as the author of the report.


How to transfer your numerology programs to another computer.

Your Master program interface, and all the programs within this interface, works only when the License number and the Activation code are synchronized. Therefore, you can't move the software from one computer to another. However, if you need to install the software on another computer, all you need to do is download (from the Master program interface, install it, and send us the license number of the newly installed Master program. If you own any of our numerology software programs, you are in our data base and we will send you the required 16 digit Activation code within hours. This will activate all the programs you own.


How to upgrade or add additional programs to your Numerology Master Program interface.

Note your license number at the bottom of the Master program interface. It should contain 4 letters followed by an 8 digit number and three more letters.

1. Place your order for additional software via the Secure Order Form on our web site at, and don't forget to include your license number. Don't hesitate to enter any questions or comments you may have in the message box at the bottom of the form!
2. Within hours you will receive a new 16-digit Activation code that will activate the software programs you ordered. NOTE: Remember, that if you have to re-install the software after a computer crash or some other mishap, you will need to get a new Activation code. (Our web site is open 24/7 - 365, so you can download a new Master Program interface any time you want.)

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