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Numerology Reading; The Diamond Spirit Guide

The Diamond Spirit Guide is one of the most revealing readings available.

Learn how your experiences on the physical plane affect your spiritual path and vice versa.

This unique numerology reading is one of the oldest number-based methods of divination, and arguably the most powerful tool numerology has to offer.

The Diamond reveals the chain of cause and effect that connects your physical and spiritual planes, explaining how your experiences in the physical world affect your inner/spiritual growth - and how the insight you develop affects your physical, mental, and emotional life.

The reading describes the challenges you will face to help you grow on the spiritual plane. It outlines the root cause of discord and recommends a course of action to help you move through this period successfully.

You experience two overlapping Diamonds every year from birthday to birthday. This reading covers two years.

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How numerology uses the Diamond Spirit.

Each letter in your name represents certain influences during a particular time in your life.

The Diamond Spirit Guide looks at the first nine letters of your full name at birth and devotes nine years to each letter. This means, that when you reach the ninth letter of your name, you will be 81 years of age.

The Numerology Diamond Spirit Guide is similar to the I Ching.


The lower half of the chart shows the circumstances and influences you will experience on the material plane.

The Diamond above shows the numbers in place for a person in his seventies - they are the bright blue diamonds above and below the letters "J" and "O"

For the material/physical experiences, there are three numbers that matter, and they are found in a downward pointed triangle, where the number in the left corner is called the Root (in this case 1), and indicates the origin or cause of certain events, the number on the right (in our example a 6) is called the Action Key and reveals your best response to deal with the demands of your Root, while the number centered below the Root and Action Key (in this case 7) is called the Outcome, and represents the likely result.

The top half of the Diamond chart reflects your spiritual body.

Each number in the top half reflects a Challenge or Spiritual Quest and is connected to the Root, Action Key, and Outcome as described above, for the same age period. In our example, it is a 5.

The concept behind the Challenges in the top half of the Diamond is that your Spiritual body requires nutrients just like your physical body does. However, the nutrients needed by your Spiritual body are in the form of experiences, feelings, intellectual realizations, and so forth.

The Root, Action Key, and Outcome found in the lower half of the Diamond are designed to meet the "nutritional requirements" of your Spiritual body.

It is important to understand that the Diamond Spirit Guide, although based on YOUR name and specific to YOU, does not have much to do with your talents, abilities, shortcomings, strengths, or other character traits.

Instead, the Diamond Spirit shows the underlying forces that deliver certain experiences on the material plane. These experiences are the nutrients for your Spiritual body and help you progress on the spiritual plane.


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