The Diamond Spirit is the most complex tool in your numerology chart and requires intuition and logic.

It is similar to the I Ching, in that it reveals the interaction between your spiritual and your physical body.

Each letter in your name represents certain influences during a particular time in your life. to determine the duration of the Transit and Essence cycles are different from those used in the Diamond.

The Diamond Spirit Guide looks at the first nine letters of your full name at birth and devotes nine years to each letter. This means, that when you reach the ninth letter of your name, you will be 81 years of age.

The Numerology Diamond Spirit Guide is similar to the I Ching.

How numerology uses the Diamond Spirit.

The lower half of the chart shows the circumstances and influences you will experience on the material plane.

There are always three numbers involved during any year. They are found in a downward pointed triangle, where the number in the left corner is called the Root and indicates the origin or cause of certain events, the number on the right is called the Action Key and reveals your best response to deal with the demands of your Root, while the number centered below the Root and Action Key is called the Outcome, and represents the likely result.


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The top half of the Diamond chart reflects your spiritual body.

Each number reflects a Challenge or Spiritual Quest and is connected to the Root, Action Key, and Outcome as described above, for the same age period.

The concept behind the Challenges in the top half of the Diamond is that your Spiritual body requires nutrients just like your physical body does. However, the nutrients needed by your Spiritual body are in the form of experiences, feelings, intellectual realizations, and so forth.


The Root, Action Key, and Outcome found in the lower half of the Diamond are designed to meet the "nutritional requirements" of your Spiritual body.

The most important thing to understand is that the Diamond Spirit, although based on YOUR name and specific only to YOU, doesn't have much to do with your talents, abilities, shortcomings, strengths, or other character traits. Instead, the Diamond Spirit shows the underlying forces that deliver certain experiences on the material plane (which includes your physical, your mental, your emotional, and your intuitive planes).

These experiences are the nutrients for your Spiritual body and help you progress on the spiritual plane.

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The experiences as described by the Root, Action Key, and Outcome, are not specific events but reveal the hidden forces at work.

For example, the Root may tell us that you are going through a period when you are unstable and unsecure about where your life is going, which may be experienced in a number of different ways.

Your personal forecast will tell you more about the way in which this lack of stability is delivered.