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Hi Hans,

What is the correct way to respond to someone who has asked for a numerology reading and has a middle name but doesn't want it included in the reading. Wouldn't that be inaccurate? I thought it had to be a full birth name including middle names? Thank you for help.


Hi Sue,

You are absolutely correct that without the middle name given at birth, the reading would not be accurate.


All the core name numbers would be wrong (the Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality number), as well as the Transits and Essence cycles that are an important part of the Yearly Forecast. Other numbers that are based on the name, such as the Maturity number and the Balance number, would also be incorrect.

The only part of the numerology reading that would be accurate is the Life Path, Birth Day Number, and all the cycles and Challenges that are based on the date of birth.

You may want to ask the person why they are so adamant about not including their middle name. If it’s just that they don’t like it, I would push them to get past that. But it could be that there is some trauma attached to it, in which case you might want to take a more sensitive approach and tell them that you won’t include the mention of that name in the report, but you still need it in order to create an accurate reading.


Hi Hans,

Thank you for letting us to ask you about numerology.

When I was born my name was Monika. My parents changed it to Mona (maiden name). When I got married my name is changed to Mona (married name).

I know a little bit about numerology, so my Expression number is 13/4 (karmic number). I am the most disliked person in my family and social groups. Before my marriage people used to like me, now after my marriage I am not liked by anyone, and my career is going badly.

Is my marriage name responsible for this?


Hi Mona,

A name change can have a big impact on the quality of your life, however, you have some control over its effect, unlike the full name at birth or your date of birth, which can’t be changed.

The name you go by now - your married name - more than anything else reflects the way you see yourself now; how you feel about yourself. Whenever you introduce yourself you represent yourself as the person you feel and think you are. This, of course, is largely subconscious.

Based on your question, you felt better and more comfortable about yourself when you used your previous name, the way you introduced yourself before marriage.

You have a few options. First, of course, you could go back to your maiden name. This can be prblematic, depending on the people around you, the norms of the society you live in, etc. Another option is to go back to your original first name, Monica (instead of Mona). This changes the influence of your current name by adding 3 to your Minor Personality and your Minor Expression, and 9 to your Minor Heart’s Desire.

The most challenging but also most promising option is to change the way you see yourself. All numbers have a front and a back, which means that regardless of the numbers found in your chart, it is up to you to draw from their positive or negative influences. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself the hard questions: What is the real reason the quality of my life seems to be going down? How much control do I (want to) have?

To some extend we all struggle with such questions and perhaps that is the reason we find ourselves in certain situations; it puts us on a path of self-improvement.




Dear Hans,

My house numbers add up to 14, which seems unlucky according to your House Number Numerology article. But is it possible to reduce that number to 5, which is a much better number for a home address?


Dear Karen,

Your question touches upon one of the most interesting and spiritually empowering aspects of numerology; Karmic numbers. As you know, numerology centers around the single digit numbers 1 through 9, however, there are some double-digit numbers such as the Karmic Debt numbers, that have their own unique and specific set of attributes. Numerology recognizes four Karmic Debt numbers; 13, 14, 16, and 19.

Whenever we encounter a Karmic Debt number, we still reduce them to a single digit, but we take note of the fact that this particular single digit is based on a Karmic number and is therefore saddled with all its Karmic attributes.

In your case, the 14 Karmic Debt number reduces to the single digit 5 (1 + 4), and all the traits off the 5 influence the environment of your house; dynamic, adventurous, transforming, sensuous, risk-taking, socially active, and above all, a strong emphasis on freedom. A 5 address is generally fortunate for active, young, and ambitious people. However, with the 14 Karmic Debt number behind the 5, you can expect times of pure chaos, unexpected occurrences, difficulty concentrating, and a sense of lacking control. It may tempt you into self-indulgence (alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, etc.), irresponsible, even self-destructive behavior, and inviting the wrong people into your life.

However, the first and foremost purpose of Karmic numbers is that they inspire (or force) you to look your demons in the eye and conquer them. You are offered a chance, as well as the necessary tools, to overcome weaknesses.

Take advantage of that opportunity and you will do very well at this house; maintain moderation and discipline, stay clear about your goals, and keep the reins tight. Restraint, order, focus, and control are key to successfully transforming and empowering you, and if you apply those qualities, the spirit of this house will support you. As an added bonus, this house number also indicates an active social life and opportunities for romance.

By the way, if you only looked at the house numbers, and not the full address, you may also want to run the address through the address analyzer tool that is one of the 18 modules in the World Numerology App


Dear Hans,

I am huge fan of Numerology and when I hear numerology, a silent mind replies Hans Decoz. I am a huge fan of yours Sir. I was born on 22nd December 1988 in Mumbai, India. After reading some of the resources at your website, I got motivated to learn more about myself.

As you might have calculated, I have a life path Master number 33. This is what I am thinking about. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, I am a Taurean (moon sign). Would you suggest any change of name so that  I could be more successful in my life? I am just beginning my new career and I wish to get the one percent luck as I am ready to give my work 99 percent.

Mumbai, India

Dear Pankaj,

You are correct that your Life Path is a 33 and your Birth Day number is a 22. Without going into details as far as the calculation methods, I can tell you that many 33 Life Paths have either a 22 Birth Day or an 11 Birth Day and an 11 Birth Month - without those the chance of adding to a 33 are small, which is one of those beautiful "coincidences" found in numerology, because without the support of another Master number reaching the full potential of a 33 may be all but impossible.

In your case, you have the support of a 22 coming into full  bloom sometime around your 30th birthday. You can count on the years that you are 30 and 31 as being extremely dynamic and full of unexpected twists and turns, but they will also set you on the right path as a result of that, something you will not come  to fully appreciate until the months around your 33rd birth date. After that, it will be a gradual process over many years during which you grow into the person you were meant to become.

The 22 is the Master builder, the 33 the Master Teacher (more about the characteristics typical to Master numbers see our Master number article). The challenge you face is finding the strength and independence to grow free from the restraints of other people's, and more importantly, your own expectations. Your internal guide should be to aim for your highest goals without accepting compromises.

You also have to understand that there is nothing to worry about. Your chart is a promising as well as demanding one, but you have also received the necessary tools and resources, so just relax, and keep your focus on what YOU want to do. If what you want to do chances over the years, which it undoubtedly will, chance with it.

As for your name, again a "coincidence" seems to favor you. Your full name at birth produces the following core numbers: A 3 Heart's Desire, A 20/2 Expression, and a 17/8 Personality. The shorter name you go by, Pankaj (last name withheld), provides the core numbers 3, for the Heart's Desire, 11/2 for the Expression, and 17/8 for the Personality. In other words, they are identical to the core numbers in your full name at birth in every way - a very rare occurrence I have not seen in quite some time.

The only exception is that the 2 Expression number is based on an 11 instead of 20. The 11 in your shorter name is helpful as it supports your potential to attain the qualities of a 33 Master number (think of the 11 and 22 in your chart as the stepping stones on your way to a 33).

Even more important is that your short name carries the almost identical energies as does your full name. Because of that, the likelihood that you will find your niche in life is greatly enhanced. Changing your name, even one letter, would be a mistake.


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