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Dear Hans,

I was reading your site on Numerology and specifically the section on repeating numbers. I find it common that people see repeating numbers such as 11, 22, 33, but I have been looking for information about dates that fall in consecutive sequence.

I have two children; one of them was born on June..., thus 6-5-4. I thought that was a neat date of birth to have, and how lucky I was to have this as a specific moment in time to be so memorable for me. Well my second child was then born on August ..., 8-7-6.

What are the statistics surrounding birth dates of this nature? Do they have any special meaning?



Dear Jaded,

I have no idea what the statistics are for birth dates following any decreasing or ascending sequence of numbers. I would imagine that they are significant. Either way, it is fun and helpful, in case you ever get so busy or scattered that you might forget your child's birth date. (It is for that reason that I convinced my wife we should get married on Valentine's Day; it all but guarantees I won't forget to buy her flowers on our anniversary.)

As for the dates, their uniqueness is neither more nor less significant than any other date due to the fact that the month, day, and year are in a sequence - or would have been had your children been born two thousand years ago to the day.

Your first child was born 6/5/2004, a date that has a distinctive characteristic, not due to any rhythmic progression of numbers, but to the numbers themselves. Here is why. When the three units of month, day, and year are reduced to single digits, we get 6, 5, 6. Because the year, the third unit in the arrangement reduces to 6 (2004 =2+0+0+4=6, not 4, that would have been the case 2000 years ago).

When we do the birth date part of your child's numerology chart, It would give us the following four Pinnacle numbers: 11, 11, 22, 3. A first and second Pinnacle, lasting from birth until age 42 in this case, ruled by the number 11 is very telling: He (or she - I am going to designate this child a "he" for convenience sake) will go through a lot of emotional and spiritual experiences (yes, young kids can have spiritual experiences too), very sensitive, but also very intuitive and aware.

This is a child that will be underestimated all throughout childhood and maturity, until at least age 40, but also never forgotten by anyone they come into close contact with. This individual leaves impressions wherever he goes, due to his unique ability to change people's perspectives. His sense of humor is different, his view on life is different, his imagination is different, everything about him is just different enough that, like the gravity of a powerful star, he will forever alter the orbit of anyone he gets close to.

And that is not all. His third Pinnacle, lasting from age 42 to 51, is 22. During that time, this always underestimated and slightly offbeat individual quickly and decisively comes to full bloom. There is no denying his superior intellect and wisdom any longer. Chances are that his career or business will be unique, perhaps even his own creation. By age 50 he will be a recognized and respected master of ... whatever it is he chooses to do.

A word of caution: He may have difficulty protecting himself during the early part of his life and become popular fodder for bullies and other dumb and insensitive kids, due to the fact that his superior intellect scares them on a primitive level. He may need a bit more protection against the cruelty of stupidity and ignorance than most kids.

Your second child was born 8/7/2006, and his birth numbers also reveal repetitive Pinnacles. However, his numbers are stronger and better prepared for life. In fact, this one may turn out to be quite fearless and confrontational, as well as more flexible and adventurous. A true dynamo and, by the time he reaches his mid-teens, a real talker and a bit flamboyant. He will be a late bloomer who goes through several different careers for the first few decades, not finding his niche until age 36 or 37. But don't worry about that, he will be fine. Just don't expect him to stay frozen in his first career choice, this kid is all about change and trying anything and everything.


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