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Although Pinnacle Cycles and Period Cycles are both derived from your date of birth, they differ in the way you experience them. Period Cycles, described above, reflect internal stages of growth. Pinnacle Cycles represent the external influences you encounter in life.

Pinnacles reveal general conditions and events you experience during each period, such as your environment, social conditions, relationships, and changing circumstances. Pinnacles reveal how you might respond to these influences and how they will affect your ever-evolving personality.

The First Pinnacle usually lasts from birth through age 30 to 35. The middle two Pinnacles each last nine years. The Fourth Pinnacle will stay with you for the remainder of your life.


The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is usually strongly felt. You begin to feel the transition from one Pinnacle to the next approximately two years in advance. The latter part of that two-year period can be particularly strong. You will likely make life-altering decisions, such as marriage, a job or career change, or major changes in your personal makeup. Knowing and understanding your approaching Pinnacle number prepares you for the changes ahead.

Perhaps the most strongly felt change is the transition from First to Second Pinnacle, which usually takes place in your late 20's or early 30's (the exact date depends on your Life Path number). This is usually a difficult transition but once crossed, provides a clear sense of direction and a firmer sense of identity. The Second Pinnacle is the gateway to maturity.


Your Pinnacle Cycle is 1

This is a period requiring much independence, courage, resiliency, and initiative. You must bounce back after many difficult experiences. The challenge of this Pinnacle is to gain will power.
There is not a lot of support from others or from family. You must draw from your own strength. You will have to guard against self pity or surrender.
Keep focused on your dreams. This Pinnacle will......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 2

This Pinnacle causes you to be extremely sensitive, intuitive, and full of insight. It is a period that requires patience and the development of inner awareness. You are being asked to use gentle power and persuasion to obtain your desired goals. Direct approaches, forceful displays, and confrontations will likely work against you. You will find the most satisfactory roles to be supportive. You are now a gifted advisor, a diplomat and a peacemaker. Your insight......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 3

This is a highly creative period. Your self-expression is greatly enhanced. Your creative and artistic talents will peak. You should do everything possible to refine these abilities and make the most of them. Many under the 3 Pinnacle are drawn to writing, the theater, singing, and dance. Your chances of success are also heightened. Hard work in any artistic field that one has a talent for can result in much reward.
This is also a highly social and emotional time. You ......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 4

This is a Pinnacle of hard work and many rewards. You have the opportunity to build a foundation that will last. Your abilities as an organizer, manager, or simply the rock of any institution are greatly increased. You are dependable and reliable. Your ability to fulfill responsibilities is likewise enhanced.
As a result of your industry and perseverance, success is ......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 5

This is a period that will teach the realities of freedom and expansion. You will travel great distances, meet many new and interesting people, experience many adventures, and essentially come to know the world. You are in a period of accelerated experimentation and learning. Experience is your teacher.
Your ability with words is greatly increased. You can ......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 6

Under this Pinnacle you will be very involved with family, friends, and your community. You will face an increase in responsibilities and duties, but you have a greatly enhanced sense of balance and perspective that allows you to handle emotional issues well.
Your family demands much of your attention. Matters involving spouse and children require much security, love, and sacrifice. You are the centerpiece of your family, the one people come to for solace and understanding. You may feel an increased burden, as......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 7

This is a period of inner development and soul searching. You will deal with the deeply important questions of personal existence and the meaning of life. You will need time to be alone to contemplate your inner world. This is a time of spiritual growth. You will experience a heightened sense of faith. The power of the universe will be the force that carries you ......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 8

Under the influences of this Pinnacle, you will have greatly enhanced talent for dealing successfully with business and finances. This is a time of material growth, a time of expansion and reward. It is the cycle of harvest.
The 8 Pinnacle also increases your personal power. You have......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 9

This is a period in which you must identify with some larger project or goal that is bigger than you. Your greatest satisfaction will be in providing for others, as well as for yourself. Those in business will draw much personal gratification in knowing that they are helping their employees support their families. Those involved in social activism - a particularly appealing choice ......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 11

This is a challenging period in which you are at a high point of sensitivity and intuition. There is so much going on in your psyche that you can suffer much confusion over direction and identity. On the other hand, there is a wide open channel between the personal consciousness and the higher realms of the unconscious. You are constantly being inspired and even assaulted by information and insight.
Because of the intensity of these revelations, you must......

Your Pinnacle Cycle is 22

This is a demanding time in which all your personal power comes to the surface and is made available to you. At the same time, you face an enormous challenge in which all that power is needed. This challenges is both physical and spiritual. The physical side is obvious in some large enterprise or dream that you are struggling to make manifest. The spiritual side is more hidden, but just as important, in that one ......


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