By Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

Family Tree Numerology report - Learn about your connection to your ancestors.

Your Family Tree Numerology Reading analyzes the surnames of your ancestors.

Also called Ancestral Influences, this reading analyzes the surnames of your ancestors to determine to what extent you have inherited their traits - or their numerological DNA.

Last names are an important part of your Personality Profile reading. They affect your Karmic Lesson and Hidden Passion charts, and are the sole influence of your Spiritual Transit, an important cycle reflecting your inner/spiritual growth.

In most cultures, children adopt the last name of their father and an in-depth analysis of this name can be very revealing. However, the mother's maiden name is equally important.

Looking back through both branches of your family tree helps you see which side of the family you resemble most closely and which traits you share.

6 to 8 pages
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About your Family Tree Numerology Reading

In most Western cultures the surname is carried on from father to son or daughter and an in-depth analysis of this name can be quite revealing. However, the mother’s maiden name should also be looked at as that name reflects a similarly enlightening connection albeit with your maternal ancestors.

Even the maiden names of maternal grandmothers and the surnames of maternal grandparents can offer insight. In short, you are at the end of a long line carrying its own energies through the paternal link but also those influences your ancestors have gathered over the centuries through marriages.

Your last name therefore reflects the result of centuries of collecting energies and influences from many sources.


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